By now if you’ve been following me in the past few months you’ll know I’ve been blessed to discover some of the best, most delicious and high quality olive oil – and it comes from Turkey! Zeytin olive oil is new to the American market, but it comes from the ancient land of Turkey in and around the Mugla region. Check out my interview with Zeytin Co-Founder Ahat Caskurlu below. It’s a really interesting look into how olives are chosen and processed for oil and why this Turkish olive oil is an award-winning brand!

As part of our Eid ul Adha celebrations, Zeytin is giving away three 2-pack bundles (500 ml) of their olive oil to U.S. based audience members. One bottle is organic extra virgin olive oil (buttery and smooth) and the other is extra virgin olive oil (rich and fruity). Just watch our video above and leave a relevant comment about it below to be entered. 

Giveaway ends August 5, 2020. 

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  1. Alhamdulillah I have been cooking in olive oil since 5 years , love to win this oil , I love trying virgin olive oils .This looks live an authentic one .
  2. I love the fruity/bitter taste of the olive oil. It is indeed great for finishing the sauce! Thanks for this interview, very informative and interesting, and for the giveaway too.
  3. Sallams! We use olive oil often in our cooking and as a dressing. Insha'Allah I would love the opportunity to try it.
  4. Salaam, This looks great! I wonder if it can be heated to create infused oils. I have been reading about that and it is important to start with a good quality oil.
  5. These look like very high quality! I'd love to try it as I'm using a lot more olive oil in my cooking.
  6. Salaam: This video has inspired me to use olive oil. Looking forward to when this brand of olive oil will come to New York but will look into buying it online if possible, in sha Allah.

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