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Affiliate Program Participation

This website (www.MyHalalKitchen.com) engages in affiliate marketing, which is done by embedding tracking links into the website. If you click on a link for an affiliate partnership, a cookie will be placed on your browser to track any sales for purposes of commissions.

My Halal Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and links to Amazon.com

As part of this Amazon Associates program, the Website will post customized links, provided by Amazon, to track the referrals to their website. This program utilizes cookies to track visits for the purposes of assigning commission on these sales. 

As an Amazon Associate My Halal Kitchen earns a small amount from qualifying purchases.

I am also a member of ShareaSale, Pepperjam and Cricut, Billy Doe Meats, Rainforest Bowls and Raw Generation. You may see and click on links from these companies that lead to a commissioned purchase.

Please note that my linked products are priced exactly the same as non affiliate products. The affiliate programs are meant to help you find products conveniently that I use personally and recommend without a price increase to you.

Affiliate links and why I use them:

I deeply appreciate your support here at My Halal Kitchen. It’s helping me to continue making content for you (i.e. website maintenance, professional tools and education to keep this site moving along), my dear readers, and it won’t cost you an extra cent. My mission is to continue creating, educating and providing the very best content I can just for you.

Rest assured, the Affiliate links within the blog posts are recommendations for products I value, I actually use, and that I believe you will find helpful.

– Yvonne, Creator of My Halal Kitchen)

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