How I Eat Healthy While Traveling

A few weeks ago I was in Southern California to attend the Les Dames International Conference in Newport Beach and once I left the LA area, I headed south to the San Diego area to my favorite spot in the U.S. which is La Jolla, CA. Once I got there, I was surprised with an unintentional bonus- a kitchenette! I guess that was the upside of arriving middle of the week, I suppose (pre-pandemic, of course). 

Before even knowing I would have a kitchen space, I was fully prepared to make a salad in the hotel room by bringing a flexible cutting board and a good garlic press; looking up when and where the nearest farmers markets or organic produce is sold.  

Here’s what I had to say about a few more deeper details I got into about eating super healthy, halal and tayyib while traveling. I found and brought some pretty cool things and felt great during my trip! 

Because Facebook decided to close video embeds, I can only share the link to it here: https://fb.watch/3RK0BMeSpl/ 

Some of the items I mentioned in the video are:

1) Cuisinart Blender with Travel Cups

2. A Good Garlic Press, small and simple enough to do the job.

3. Hand Held Lemon Juicer

4. Foldable Cutting Boards are so super easy to slip into your suitcase because they take up virtually NO room at all! They also dry quickly which is nice if you need to cook and jet out soon after.

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