How to Eat Healthy, Halal & Organic While Traveling

A few weeks ago I was in Southern California to attend the Les Dames International Conference in Newport Beach and once I left the LA area, I headed south to the San Diego area to my favorite spot in the whole wide USA- La Jolla, CA. Once I got there, I was surprised with a kitchenette bonus- the upside of arriving middle of the week, I suppose. 

Before even knowing I would have a kitchen space, I was fully prepared to make a salad in the hotel room by bringing a foldable cutting board and a garlic press and looking up when and where the nearest farmers markets or organic produce was sold (see resources below the video).  Here’s what I had to say about a few more deeper details I got into about eating super healthy, halal and tayyib while traveling. I found and brought some pretty cool things and felt great during my trip!

Some of the things I mentioned in the video are:

Cuisinart blender

Sur La Table stores: 

Garlic press by Zeal

Lemon juicer

Foldable Antimicrobial Cutting Board

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