Travel. It’s one of my absolute favorite words.  It’s a word of action that implies adventure, change and the addition of spice to an otherwise mundane everyday life. Who doesn’t love the thrill of going to new places, not to mention trying new foods? Yes, that usually is the case for travel abroad, though things are changing dramatically on the American food scene, for the better. Still, travel by car along miles and miles of highway doesn’t do much for the palette, as the same types of bland foods are almost always the only choices. Not to mention, there’s always the issue of finding halal things to eat.

That’s why I travel with spices (and condiments and homemade snacks) every time I go somewhere where I know I’ll have a semblance of a ktichen, whether it’s a cabin or a hotel room where I can plug in a hot plate. Some of our best meals have been in tiny cabin kitchens or with minimal ingredients and food we knew had to be eaten up before vacation’s end.

I found this travel spice kit at World Market recently, and it’s just perfect for my road trips or even trips to faraway places where I know I won’t be able to find this diversity of my favorite spices to cook with in a borrowed kitchen at my destination. I love that the little tins are labeled so when I run out I can simply refill them. They’re so convenient that I also borrow from them during my regular cooking at home…

Do you cook when you travel? If so, how do you carry what you need? Please share your tips below…

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  1. I never cook when we travel, although, I do admit that it is hard with consuming halal, or even tayyib products. We usually stay in hotels, so I don't know how much of an option cooking is. Those spice tins seem really convenient for someone who does cook when travelling.
  2. wow great idea!! never saw such a thing. for when i travel i have my own kit, i have tiny jars (about that size) that used to be mini Vaseline container. i got over 20 and i use it each time. olive oil i put in water bottle. i never found a better solution for it.
  3. It is super useful. having lots of experience cooking while on vacation, this is definitely a space-saver for us!
  4. I love this and I had always thought of this marketing ideal. I always travel with my spices when i travel in state and international. I also buy special spices from selected countries to have on my collection. I like to pretend i am the mistress of spices. :-)

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