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Sejouk (Spicy Sausage)

Sejouk (also known as sudjuk, sujuk, or merguez) is a spicy version of sausage that is common in Middle Eastern cuisine, stemming from places like Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Bosnia, Albania and more.

They are not made from pork, but typically beef and sometimes a lamb-beef mixture with an addition of spices like smoked paprika for flavor and color.

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  1. I’m trying to cook with zabiha meat more and I generally cook American like pot roast, steaks, corned beef brisket. I’m running into problems of the meat being very dry. My pot roast turned out extremely dry with Zabiha meat and my chicken meatballs were inedible. The steaks are extremely dry and tough. When I make these dishes with non-zabiha meat, they turn out fabulous.
    Do you have suggestions to help moisten the meat?

  2. hamdulillah to know merguaz halal, my husband algerian i’m indonesian live in algeria, he such have doubt to buy merguaz from market because there are no label with it and its so cheap when you buy they sell using scale $0.7 USD you get 4 merguaz.

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