Eager eyes, chattering moms, and a delectable arrangement of lemons, watermelons, and garnish greeted attendees of the Summer Ramadan Cooking cookbook tour at Islamic Foundation in Villa Park. On the way in, the first 25 people received reusable swag baskets filled with goodies from our sponsors such as Crescent Foods, Taaza2U, Midamar Halal, Calphalon and Guidance Residential.

CEO Taaza at cookbook tour

In Rachel Ray fashion, Yvonne Maffei took the stage, wearing the signature My Halal Kitchen apron. Camera lights, videographers, and our sponsors’ promotional banners stood out wonderfully, with Taaza2U’s president speaking about their meat products that can be delivered right to your door! Our Crescent Foods family made an appearance as well, with warm wishes and appetites.

Summer Ramadan Cooking Chicago Cookbook Tour Stop IFS | My Halal Kitchen

Between alcohol-free vanilla essence and cheese free of animal enzymes, the audience tasted delicious watermelon coolers and chocolate nut squares. They also took away simple tips on saving time in the kitchen during the spiritually charged month of Ramadan.

The highlight of the event was the raffle giveaways, a set of Calphalon pans and a gift certificate for Taaza2U.com. They were met by shouts of excitement and collective anticipation.

With smiles and signed cookbooks, our audience members seemed determined to catch another one of our stops to see some of the other recipes in action! Also available were My Halal Kitchen exclusive aprons and chef hats, real winners with the children.

Catch us at our next stop. For a full list of tour venue locations and dates, please visit the Events Page here.


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