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It’s never too early to get prepared for Ramadan, cooking ideas and inspiration included. This year, I want everyone to start thinking way ahead of time about eating healthier, making dishes simpler, using local and fresh foods as much as possible and even consider growing as many of the ingredients as you can. Are you up for the challenge?

We’ll talk more about that soon, insha’Allah. For now, you can take a peek inside my cookbook, Summer Ramadan Cooking, and hopefully get inspired to make fresh, tasty and super quick meals for your family and friends and of course, for yourself.

summer ramadan cooking

About the giveaway:

I’m giving away one digital copy (a downloadable PDF version) valued at $14.99 USD that you can use to print out and save and start planning your Ramadan menus ahead of schedule and focus on what’s truly important in the blessed month of Ramadan. If you have no idea what Ramadan is about and simply want to know and understand the rituals of fasting and eating at this sacred time for Muslims around the world, this book will inform you about that, too. In need of resources of where to source halal products, specialty products for Ramadan and Eid? It’s in there, too.

To enter, simply leave a comment about what you do around this time of year to get prepared for Ramadan- mentally, physically, domestically, spiritually, whatever it is and then some. I want to hear from you! We’ll choose one randomly-selected winner to receive the download.

Giveaway ends on Sunday, March 28 2015 at 12:01 AM CST. Please read the MHK Giveaway Guidelines to enter.

[highlight color=”yellow”]UPDATE: Congratulations, Erika (pharmdiva@xxx.xxx), you’ve won! Please respond to our email inquiry within 48 hours to claim your giveaway.[/highlight]

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  1. To get myself prepared for Ramadan, I make sure that I make up for my missed fasts. I prepare a menu. I also print out a Ramadan Calendar for my daughter to use during Ramadan.

  2. Even though we are going into a winter ramadan down under It is always nice to have summer recipes that are lighter for our bodies to digest. Love your work.

  3. i make intention to do the best i can .i try to clean my heart ,so my deeds can be the best they can be. do all the house work i do nearly all the work first .then make samosas to put into the freezer.and i check your recipes for more easy food to make.

  4. To prepare for Ramadan;
    I too make up any missed fasts
    Get supplies stocked
    Start practicing my recipes so that I don’t hav issues with salt n quantity.
    Also I made sure I had soup made everyday in Ramadan it could be chicken
    corn soup, clear meat soup with oats etc
    I make sure that I have cleaned up my home so as to not exhaust my time n
    effort in extra work but in prayers n remembrance , for that particular month!

  5. I make my intentions, try to plan how i will use my time, stock up, clean the house, make samosas and freeze them. O Allah let us reach Ramadan! ameen.

  6. Assalamualaikum…… I get stocked on foods for the family …. start getting ready spiritually by reading the Quran more and with the family and saying more duas … And at the Musjid very breaking of fast us ladies prepare food…. and enjoy each other company and listen to lectures too. What food is left over us ladies give it out to the homeless or to the families who are suffering. O Allah let us reach Ramadan!!!Ameen

  7. Assalamalaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu !!just thinking about the approaching Ramzan gives immense happiness which can’t be described!phisically I am preparing myself by fasting once a week if possible !but no amount of spiritual Ibadat can fully prepare us for it!Alhamdulilah here in South India where I stay Ramadan completely changes the way of life for us!we live in bliss for a month,with everyone rushing for Salah on time n quran being recited everywhere !even my spouse n children are so pious !Subhanallah,I wish we are able to benefit our souls to the maximum this year!ya ALLAH help us to please you this Ramadan n unite us all in Jannatul firdows

  8. Looking for healthy and deliciouse ramadan recipes. Being A good muslima. Prepare the children. Talking about our Deen, practising. Looking for children activities and inspiration in shaa Allah. Having the right intention.

  9. Assalaamualaikum,
    Alhamdulilah as Ramadhan approaches, I try to make special dua to Allah SWT to grant me the blessing of completing Ramadhan and benefitting from it this year and in future years inshaAllah as my mind wanders towards the thought of those I knew who were alive the last Ramadhan but have returned to the Almighty during the last few months.
    Also, it is a time to memorize Surahs which one can recite during Taraveeh. I feel this is also a good time to read about fiqh issues pertaining to fasting.
    May Allah SWT shower the blessings of Ramadhan on all of us and guide us to make this journey towards Ramadhan and Akhirah in a manner that pleases Him. Ameen

  10. Also, a last point that I forgotten but remembered thanks to your competition. This is a good time to start deciding what my children will wear on Eid. My 7 year old daughter is very excited about her Eid clothes along with the accessories. Rather than spending precious Ramadhan time and energy in bazaars and on the roads in the hot Pakistani summer, I will inshaAllah try to get organised before the blessed month

  11. This is my very first Ramadan of many more to come. As a new convert, I am learning and experiencing a whole new life that is enlightening and at times hard to adjust to. I pray that I am able to complete the full month of Ramadan as I am supposed to do.

  12. Asalamu alaikum. I try to clear my mind doing and start way before ramadhan starts. I love getting into the healthy mode especially in this time because it helps with energy levels and clarity when worshipping. Alhamdulillah it’s been great the past few years and I hope to keep the tradition of healthy and happy ramadhans. Amen


  13. Since I live away from my family, the first thing I do to prepare is to call up my parents, siblings, parents in law, that ALWAYS puts me in a good mood just hearing their cheerful Ramadan voices and prayers. Then I get my physical quran dusted and ready (unfortunately I rarely use it otherwise, digital qurans on our phones took over a while back). Lastly I would go out shopping for suhoor food like yoghurt, beans, juice and then take off for first day of taraweeh before the fasting officially starts. Best time of the year <3

  14. Assalamualaikum.. This my first year that I am actually preparing my kitchen.. and that’s coz it is only this year that this my kitchen.. I’m married two years n started living seperately only a month ago.. I hope I keep my husband well nourished n strong enough to be able to conduct tharaweeh as well in sha Allah..

  15. I am preparing myself for Ramadan in all the way.Mentally I am controlling my mind from the desires,trying to be more patient and silent without talking unnecessarily. I am keeping in the mind the fasting not only avoiding foods but all our activities should obey to the rule of Ramadan.When I say physically I am eating healthy foods to be strong on the days of Ramadanto bear all the Hardships which I am going to go through.Domestically I am cleaning and arranging my house to welcome the Ramadan like a new VIP… 🙂 and putting time schedule for the work done to be on dat special days.Spiritually we are focusing more in our prayers,daily activities and getting ready for all additional prayers.Honestly speaking we love the Nights of Ramazan.we feel it is like a gifted days.

  16. The Holy month of Ramadan is a real test for Muslims living in North America where fasts are more than 18 hours long some days and you still continue to work and are surrounded with people who are eating and drinking fluids like you would on normal days. That never made me or my family give up because we firmly believe that Inshallah there’s greater rewards for those who stay committed to the true religion and strive to be a perfect Muslim example by following the Prophet’s (saw) Sunnah and the amazing teachings of Islam. May Allah (swt) grant our du’as, keep us healthy, forgive our sins, shower us with his barakah and rahmah and keep guiding us to the straight path till we enter Jannah insh’Allah. Its my first year not having my parents around to guide me with cooking/baking quick dishes for Ramadan, so I hope I can learn to cook quick healthy and yummy dishes for my family as Ramadan approaches so that we can spend more time doing ibadaat and less time in the kitchen 🙂

  17. Assalamu Alaikum. The trend in South African Indian homes is to fill our freezers with pies, samoosas and 100 other savouries. Alhamdulillah, for the past 4 years my family has stuck to simple, light meals – a soup because it is winter, one savoury as a treat for the little ones fasting and a grilled chicken, steak or chops. Generally we break up our meal into soup and savoury after Iftaar and the grills after Taraweeh salaah. For the early meal (sehri) we have a cereal, yoghurt, fruit, dates and tea. My husband prefers a smoothie made with banana, dates, oats and milk. My kids love the occasional toasted sandwich.
    I am currently filling my freezer with a few savouries and marinated meats. Tomorrow I will start keeping my qadha fasts, Insha’Allah. I have increased my tilaawat of Quraan, as well as my daily Thikr.
    Allah make it easy for us all and keep us steadfast, Ameen.

  18. I had a Muslim roommate for 5 years and during Ramadan I fasted too because it just didn’t seem right to be cooking and eating and drinking when they were not.

  19. Salaam alaykum. Because I have to combine work with Ramadan and cooking for the family, I have learnt to prepare ahead. The key is having a lot of my recipe ingredients pre cooked so I can toss everything I at Iftar time. I hope to step up my game as I am planing Insha Allah to host Iftar parties.

  20. With my special diet needs, I search for recipes I can transform to be gluten free and diabetic friendly, yet still yummy enough for the whole family. It is especially important during Ramadan.

  21. Bismillaah, in shaa ALLAAH this gonna be my 3rd Ramadhan in the US. Always missing how Ramdhan like in Indonesia, but I also enjoy my Ramadhan here with my muslim community. I love coming to the masjid breaking the fasts together at the masjid, helping out with dinner preparation and also tarawih prayers together. Love Ramadhan wherever I am I guess Alhamdulillaah. Rabbana balighna Ramadhan.

  22. Hello, i really enjoy reading your articles from time to time. I like Ramadan and like cooking during that period and preparing easy and delicious meals. I hope your cook book will give many more ideas around mealtime !

  23. I am a revert living in a somewhat remote area in the Netherlands. There are not many muslims here to share iftar with and last year my son, wjo is also a revert, lefy for studies to the soth of the Netherlands. That meant biggedt part of ramadan alone. Thats tough. So meals were something that were not well prepared. Not nutricious. Just a quick bite as the days were long and i work fulltimer. This year my son emigrated to Kuwayt for further studies so i will be totally alone. I really can use some support by your insppirationL book to make sure i force myself into eating some healthy things.

  24. I am learning about Ramadan since I have many friends who are Muslims, and I find Islam very fascinating. I have cooked one of the Ramadan soup recipes you have posted, harira, and I loved it! It was so filling, tasty, and healthy, and the delightful aroma of the soup was so warm and inviting. I’m planning on preparing more of the soup this weekend.

  25. Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuhu,

    Jazakillah khair. I try to start preparing 1 month ago if not 6 months ago as sahaabi(RA).
    1. I start cleaning the home.
    2. Grind ginger garlic paste
    3. Marinate chicken, fish and pack in individual packs.
    4. Do grocery for the month like rice, daals etc…
    5. Arrange my cloths as we go to mosque and it is fun to wear nice indian cloths in warm summer weather
    6. While doing all this I try to fast first 15 days of Shabaan
    7. Start reading Ramadan related articles to give boost to myself.

  26. We invite our friends and their family in Ramadan. I would love to cook something different rather than the same Indian varieties for my 7 yr old twins too who are going to do fasting this year InshaAllah.

  27. Aswrwb, I make up my missing fasts, clean my closet and donate all the extra clothes, make sure I have half done my food I will be repairing during Ramadan. Keeping in mind simple and easy menu and make one dish a day, that way I am not tired for my taraweeh alhumdullilah. I am usually done with my Iftar 30-45 min so it gives me ample amount of time for Daurae Quran and other ibadaats alhm. I also use paper stuff so it eliminate dish washing too :).

  28. Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmato Allah wa Barakatoh,

    As we observe Ramadan in Canada, our last 3 years have been truly hard to think of at the beginning; we start our fasting around 2 am and break it around 8:55. This year it is going to be yet longer!
    However, the preparation for it mentally and spiritually truly helps, and subhan Allah once it starts it is nothing more a true blessing and ease!
    For me personally as a mother of very young kids I make sure that my kitchen has their breakfast and lunch in hand. Their routine changes so they wake up later than usual to be able to join us for Iftar and later for Tawaweeh. And they love it Alhamdolellah. We work out a routine including several activities (but no summer camps so the elder one can practice Sawm) including reciting/memorizing Quraan and halaqas at home.
    When it comes to cooking, we maintain a healthy routine perhaps more than any time of the year. More fibers, less red meat, and carb reduction to be able to attend to Tawaweeh and Qeyam. So one dish for Iftar besides either soup or salad (and occasionally an appetizer). Social gatherings are so limited if almost eliminated in order not to disturb the worship routine. As for me, I was able to still attend the gym al hamdolellah.
    By the end of the month, we are lighter in weight, but heavier in heart affection to the month and truly sad it is about to go.
    May Allah help reach Ramadan with sincere hearts and give us the patience and power to maintain our worship in the way that pleases him, Ameen!

  29. It would be so wonderful to have this reference handy during Ramadan. At our local masjid we have potluck dinners every Friday and Saturday during this month along with a final potluck on Eid. I am always looking for new recipe ideas!

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