I have been making Italian coffee the ‘old fashioned’ way for so many years it seems like a blur as to when it actually started, but most likely during college. What college kid doesn’t need a good old dose of caffeine for all that late-night studying? 

Without much room for a huge American coffee maker, I asked my family to send me the Italian mokka pot maker like this one which basically just utilizes one burner on the stove, but it can be a confusing contraption for people who don’t know how to use it. So, that’s why all these years later I decided to finally create a video that shows you how to make coffee the Italian way (sans fancy cappuccino contraptions)- it’s so easy, but makes the best coffee, in my opinion – and you don’t have to just use espresso or Italian coffee in it. My mom makes it with all kinds of coffee and it’s just great. 

Watch on, my friends.


I hope you’ll love these little Mokkas as much as I do! Here’s the one I use in the video


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