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Many of you have already heard about the recent airing of the CBS program, “Food, Faith & Culture” of which I was honored to be included in as it highlighted the influence of faith and culture on food. The program, produced by Liz Kineke of CBS Religion & Culture, covered a kosher restaurant in Brooklyn that’s setting the standards for modern kosher cooking, a langar kitchen (free for everyone) in a Sikh community, and halal food and cooking by following moi around for the day. I’ll show you a glimpse below…

Header Pardes and Langar

Pardes is a kosher restaurant that’s fairly new to Brooklyn, but already very popular. The young couple who opened it is passionate and creative about serving up kosher food that is interesting, appetizing and in high demand by its patrons. I would love to try it out next time I’m in New York.

I learned so much about the langar {community kitchen of the Sikhs}by watching the program (photos above). From what I do know about the Sikhs, they are mostly vegetarian. In the program they talk about how much food is served per week in the langar and that number is astonishing–and it’s all volunteer work by those in the community!

drop shadowAs for my part, well, CBS was interested in seeing what I do to put a halal meal on the table. First we started out by going  (last spring) to the wonderful Green City Market (you’ll see it in the program, which is available online now).

Next, we traveled to my community garden to check on my budding plants; and then we stopped at Sara Meat Market, my friendly halal meat market where I go as often as I can to get the cuts needed to prepare so many of my recipes. Below is Faris, our butcher, who gives me lots of tips and ideas for how to prepare just about anything I’m interested in making.

Sara Meat market

We came back to my place and had lunch before sitting down for an interview in my office. Below is a photo of the camera man’s equipment- he fit perfectly into my office closet to get the right angle. These guys know their craft…

Filming from my officeBefore leaving, they took some shots of me in blogger-mode: prep, style, photograph, repeat. They captured some great footage you can see in the program.

with caprese salad

And after a long but totally fun day of joining me on my halal foodie tour of Chicago, it was over and I was sad to say goodbye to the crew, especially Liz. She did such an excellent job of capturing all the details and information necessary to put the pieces of her program together. She was sensitive, caring and sincere about creating an educational program that would benefit viewers and those of us behind the scenes, as well. Something must be said for the folks like her in the media who actually do care about quality content and the people they cover, even after they’ve got the material they need to create a program.

Liz and Me

So, thank you Liz for caring about our community enough to want to inform viewers about halal. Thank you, CBS, for airing it and keeping it up online for ‘eternity’.  Thank you to everyone who has watched it or will watch it with sincere interest and appreciation for how others live their lives to include their food, their faith, and their culture.

To watch the program online, please visit the CBS website at this link.

Please join me in thanking CBS for their positive coverage of halal/Muslims/Islam in this program by contacting them here.

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  1. Yvonne, what an exciting interfaith opportunity! I’m THRILLED that you were involved with this!!!

    Sadly, the video stopped streaming a few minutes into it, so I’ll have to watch it all later. I will definitely be spreading the clip around globally via Facebook!

    Thank you so much for taking part in this film!

    1. Thank you, Rev. Cynthia. I am so glad you were interested in watching it so thank you for coming back with your comment. I have also had the same experience with the online video so I will mention it to them; perhaps they are unaware of it.

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