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Substitutes for Pork in Cooking

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions related to halal cooking- how do you substitute pork in so many recipes where it’s a classic ingredient in other cuisines?  Well, throughout the site I hope you’ll see just how that’s done, but  for purposes of quick reference, you can take a look at this chart below. There’s a PDF version available at the end of this post, too.  For resources on many of these items, check out the Halal Pantry section of the site.

Halal Substitutes for Pork- JPEG

Download the PDF here



  1. Salam,

    I also use turkey bacon as a substitute for regular bacon quite successfully. For chorizo, I usually buy soy chorizo, which has become quite common nowadays and is really almost identical to pork chorizo. I had not thought about the duck prosciutto, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks!

  2. Salaam I really like ur Halal website it will make my cooking much easier !!
    I have a question I want to make Halal Tarimsu
    ( Italian dessert ) what can I substitute for
    KALUHA ( coffee liquor ) ? And also can u post ALL the substitute ingredients in one so I can
    put on my fridge.. Thank you

  3. @Zaynab- for Kahlua, use strong coffee like espresso or the Lavazza brand coffee which is pretty robust.

  4. Why don’t you use pork or alcohol. I see you suggest substitutes Why should I substitute? I like the original flavored.

  5. Just figured out your a Muslim and are trying to infiltrate my world. No thanks. Stay in the Mid East or assimilate. You think that killing people because they don’t accept your screwy thinking is ok but eating pork or using alcohol is bad. Quite sending me your stupid post. I’m not interested.

    • I agree with u I’m Muslim I do not eat no pork and alcoholic I don’t understand halal don’t eat pork???….but she is Muslim is she? If she eat pork why she wear scarf?…I like her cook not included with any pork recipes….ur Muslim sister

    • @Lous Bender
      Whoa! Talk about nonsense! O.o
      I say, chill out! Read and educate yourself on Islam before you judge. Just gorging on the garbage the media is spoon-feeding you isn`t really going to help.

      Yvonne, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and love your website! I have been studying Islam for a while now and I am feeling closer to it than ever. In sha Allah I will be a Muslim soon.
      So, naturally I find great inspiration in your beautiful website. Learning, for example, about substitutions is an invaluable skill which will prove to be extremely useful along the way.

      Keep up the good work and do not let spiteful comments bring you down! :)

    • @Lous Bender your knowledge of Islam is very limited and your tolerance for other religion is very short. Good luck getting anywhere in life with that attitude. Go away and learn more before you say things like that!

    • Salaam to all,

      why is this person receiving posts from the site? Purge, delete, him or her out from the list.

  6. @Lous Bender also may I just add Nobody is trying to Infiltrate your world, the Media and your country does that enough. please find some Logic behind what you say cause your not doing yourself any favours.

  7. Salaam,

    Delete this guy from your list.

  8. Assalam Aleikum, Shame on her does she read her bible at all?Does it permite her or the followers of “Christ” to eat pork? The bible forbides even the touching of pigs leave alone eating she must be suffering from pig flu coz she seems not to even listen to what God has taught Jesus to teach them. She can look up deutronomy 14:8 then she can come and bring her crap.

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