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I am so delighted to bring you this article by Jomana Siddiqui, founder of modernEID.com who creates some of the most beautifully designed ‘Eid decor for the home, something I’ve been in search of for years now. I asked Jomana to give us some of her best tips on how to celebrate Ramadan in style and bring the beauty and spirit of this time indoors. Here’s what she has to say…

Modern Eid Banner

Decor by Jomana, found at ModernEid.com

Ramadan is a special time of reflection as one deepens their self-control, spirituality, and compassion for those less fortunate. It is also a time made special by all the extra little things done to make this month stand out from all the rest. However, as many Muslims know, as the hunger pangs set in, it can also become a time of deep obsession with all things food. Not too long after the much anticipated Iftar meal has finished, probably sometime after the nightly prayers, one begins to wonder what’s to eat for Suhoor. Repeat this cycle about 30 times and before you know it’s ‘Eid.

Before the low blood sugar sets in, I suggest taking some time to get your home and family celebrating the beauty of Ramadan. This special time comes but once a year, and now is your chance to embrace it by decorating for the season.

Get in the holiday spirit by decorating your home for Ramadan. Over at ModernEID.com, we are big on bunting banners and prints. Decorate your mantle or a shelf with an Islamic art inspired banner and a framed print wishing ‘Ramadan Kareem’.

Dates are a staple during Ramadan since breaking the fast by eating a date is tradition. Bring this tradition to the forefront by placing your date supply in elegant apothecary jars or vases. A grouping of these can be used as a holiday table centerpiece or to decorate your kitchen counter.


In some Muslim countries like Egypt, lanterns are used to welcome Ramadan. Place decorative lanterns around your home, or create your own by downloading our exclusive Ramadan Lantern Project here.

Modern Eid Coloring

Getting the kids excited about Ramadan can be a little challenging, especially if they are not fasting along with the rest of the family. Look for creative ways to engage them while everyone around them is curbing cravings by having them decorate their own special placemats to be used during Iftar meals.

Modern Eid Ramadan Countdown Poster

Get them excited about the arrival of Eid by keeping track of the days leading up to it with a countdown chart.

Modern Eid Goods

Sharing this time with others will also encourage their enthusiasm. Enlist their help in baking some treats and packaging them up to share with friends, classmates, and neighbors. Make it festive by keeping extra treats on a platter or cake stand on the counter for drop-in guests.

With just a few simple touches like these, you can create a festive atmosphere around your home to be enjoyed all month long.

How do you decorate your home for Ramadan? We’ can’t wait to hear how you do it in style, too…

Jomana Siddiqui is a graphic designer and founder of modernEID.com, a company offering contemporary gift and partyware for ‘Eid and other occasions. As head designer and owner of stationery design studio, Pences, Jomana has been designing stationery for weddings and special events as well as company brands since 2004.


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