I asked Creative Designer Kung Pik Liu over at Sakina Design to share something special with us this Ramadan to make our homes feel festive, bright and beautiful. To that end, she has indeed come up with a craft you’ll definitely want to make, especially since she provides a colorful downloadable printout for us, too.

Sakina Design Ramadan Lantern

Sakina Design’s Ramadan Lantern can be seen on the table at the right. For the banner, check out the Ramadan Joy blog where you can get the FREE download. 

Here’s Pik’s story on how her lantern design was born and how easily you can make it at home…

I still don’t believe it, but my daughter, Aisha, is now four years-old. And this little woman is dramatically changing the way I celebrate Ramadan. Usually it’s more of a spiritual time for me, without much decoration or fanfare. This year though, she is determined to make it special for herself and the whole family. She’s been talking about putting up lights and decorations just like her friends do during Christmas. So, I knew I had to do something, but I just didn’t know what.

Thanks to my friends Noha, Khadija, and Yvonne I came up with an idea.

Noha knew I was a designer and asked me if I could design some kind of Ramadan lantern for her. She explained that as a child in Egypt, she would play with these special Ramadan lanterns. Even today, she still has fond memories of those lanterns. I had no idea of the tradition, so I did a little research and really liked the idea. It reminded me of the Chinese lanterns we would carry around in Hong Kong during our holidays.

Soon after, my friend Khadija from Ramadan Joy asked if I wanted to design something for the fans of her blog. She explained that her fans might like some sort of flag banner to hang at home. And my friend Yvonne from My Halal Kitchen gave me an open invitation to share our designs with her fans.

I took in all these ideas and my creativity was inspired! I decided to create a Ramadan flag banner set for Khadija, and a matching Ramadan lantern set for Yvonne. I do hope everyone enjoys my East-meets-West, contemporary-meets-traditional design.

Sakina Design Ramadan Lantern

Aren’t these lanterns so bright and beautiful- very creative, masha’allah!

And thanks to all the readers for your support! I really enjoyed the process, and Aisha is so happy to see me designing something “for her.”  I’m sure I’ll make this my Ramadan tradition, and I hope you will,  as well. Crafts like this are a great opportunity to get the family together, celebrating this special month.

Share with us how you like to celebrate Ramadan.   Is it a special food? Special decoration? Or a special thing you do?

Download the FREE printable Ramadan lantern Pattern here.


ABOUT DESIGNER Kung Pik Liu, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Sakina Design (www.sakinadesign.com)

Pik converted to Islam in 2001, while studying graphic design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She has become an advocate of Islam and Islamic art, sharing her admiration of Islamic traditions through her work at both Sakina Design and Obsessive Compulsive Designers | OCD, a multicultural branding studio located in Southern California.

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  1. These are so wonderful, JAK for creating them! If you'd like to see more Ramadan fun, be sure to follow my 2nd Annual 30 days of Ramadan Craft challenge. My 3 daughters and I are doing a craft a day for 30 days! You can fnd it on my blog, or visit my Pinterest board to see all of them: http://pinterest.com/acraftyarab/ramadan-tutorial-crafts-2012/. Keep up the good work!
  3. Salam Asma, I am so sorry that Sakina Design is closed and you have no access to the printables. In fact, we do receive a lot of similar requests. To make them available again, we decided to compile all the printables and host them on my graphic design studio website (studio of KUNG PIK LIU, www.kungpikliu.com). Insha Allah, they will be available very soon for download. If you want to get notification when they are available again, please sign up to our email list here: http://bit.ly/1W4ISrF
  4. you are just awesome. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful lantern ideas and offering printable PDF. I will be making it with kids

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