Date Sugar from a Tunisian Oasis

When I visited the Specialty Foods Show in Las Vegas back in February, I was able to see so many cool products coming out on the market, as is the case with food shows (and it was so nice to be in person once again). On my last leg when I was exhausted and ready to leave, I noticed a booth out of the corner of my eye displaying dates and a photo of a woman in a hijab on their branding materials. Of course I had to turn around and see what this new company was all about, as I’d never heard of them before. Upon speaking with Chelle’s husband, I learned about their social programs for their local Tunisian employees, many of whom are women.

Chelle and her husband are an American couple living on the edge of the Sahara desert with their small family and they are the only foreigners in the area. Their kids attend Arabic school and as a family they are fully integrated into the community. They have a a fascinating story and Chelle is very modest about their beginnings and what they have done to build a life there and their date business, PurDate.

At the moment, they sell only date sugar, which is what we discuss in most of this video- ways to use it and the benefits of it as a healthy alternative to white sugar. It’s really good stuff. In the future they plan to sell date paste and date syrup. You can find their products at some Whole Foods and also on Amazon (you can also shop Whole Foods items on Amazon).

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