I was simply stunned Wednesday morning to find out that I was nominated under the category of Best Female Blogger for writing My Halal Kitchen, in the 7th Annual Brass Crescent Awards. Deeply humbled and incredibly honored to be nominated among other talented writers, I wish everyone the best and ask you to please visit the voting site here.

If you’re not familiar with all the blogs listed, this is a great time to check out some very talented bloggers with interesting perspectives on life, the Muslim experience and Islam. There are even writers nominated who aren’t Muslim but are prolific writers of Islam.  

Cooking Halal: an Online Radio Show

I found out about the Brass Crescent Awards nomination as I was prepping for my first segment of  my Cooking Halal radio show on Blog Talk Radio. In case you missed it, you can listen online here. The topic I covered was Healthy & Halal Substitutes in Your Everyday Food. There is no set date for how often the show will take place, but I do plan to have some interesting guests on to discuss a variety of food-related topics as well as those pertaining to home and garden. insha’allah.

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  1. Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it. I was thrilled to find your blog when I saw it mentioned in a CAIR email. Now I see how much catching up I need to do with the other nominees. So much good reading ahead, insha'Allah.

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