Dates with Tahini & Grape Molasses

I see so many people loving to stuff dates with peanut butter. It must say, it is a compatible taste with the caramel-like taste and chewy texture of a big Medjool date. In Ramadan, it seems like we find any and every reason to stuff dates with something clever at this time, so it’s kind of fun to do. don’t really keep peanut butter on hand, but I do always have a jar of tahini around, and since the taste is so similar, this recipe was born.

If you have seen my Instagram over the past year, you may have noticed one of the things I came to love while in Turkey is the tahini-pekmez mixture, which I have dubbed the Turkish peanut butter and jelly and overall healthier than super sugary alternatives. Pekmez is grape molasses and is full of iron and very warming. The mixture is actually a common edible in the wintertime with some nice warm Turkish bread dipped into it.

Pekmez can be found in our online shop, along with great quality tahini here. All you have to do is pit each date, fill with about a half teaspoon tahini and drizzle over a little bit of pekmez. On top, add some ground nuts. My favorite choice is hazelnuts. It’s very Turkish and so the combination tastes so great together. You could also try ground walnuts, which would be great, too.

Bismillah and Afiyet Olsun!

As I’ve mentioned before, the official date of Ramadan is the California Medjool by Nature’s Anthem. They are plump, natural and super delicious, made perfect for stuffing.

You can even get their convenient pitted date snack packs, which are perfect for on-the-go snacking and breaking the fast while out of the house. They fit nicely in your purse, ladies!

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