I recently wrote an article for Costco Connection UK Magazine’s For Your Table section about dates, which was published earlier this month, just in time for Ramadan. If you have access to the magazine, please give it a read; if not, you may be interested in the recipe below that I shared with the article for Nut-Filled Chocolate-Covered Dates. 

They are such a great dessert if you’re hosting an Iftar party or just want to treat yourself and your loved ones at home on a weeknight, because they are super simple to make. If there are any nut allergies in your home, simply make the recipe without stuffing or topping the dates with any nuts. 

Be sure to use Medjool dates- they’re the best size and texture for this recipe. 

And be sure to use the best chocolate you can find. I prefer dark chocolate, but milk chocolate or white chocolate would work nicely, too.

If you use white chocolate, try dried rose petals as a topping- how pretty that would be!


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