Meaning of Halal & Tayyib Video Series

If you’ve been following my audio series on The Meaning of Halal & Tayyib, you’ll know I’ve been rolling them out daily for the past several days. Now that I’m finished, I’m putting them all in one place for you so that you can have them in one place, making them easier to find and watch all at once, if you like. 

The first one is an overview of what it means to consume halal (permissible) and tayyib (pure) and why it’s so important, considering the modern food industry’s tendency to add so many ingredients and by-products in our foods that it becomes an overwhelming and cumbersome feat to choose the foods that are healthiest and also halal. I begin to break down and simplify these issues for you in the first video. 

In the second video, I dive into the first main category of foods to be explained in terms of what you need to know when selecting for halal: Dairy Products. 

In the third video, I explain all about things that go into breads (doughs), condiments and sauces that you may want to be aware of when purchasing these kinds of products, or making them yourself. 

In this section, I discuss the topic of eating out and cooking global cuisine such as French, Italian, Spanish and even American foods due to some of the non-halal ingredients and what you may want to know before dining at restaurants or purchasing ingredients for your own home cooking. 

In the last video, I provide solutions for all of these issues discussed in the previous four videos, which are takeaways that will empower you and your family to take charge of your daily food routines, your health and your lives.

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