A Staycation at the Chicago Botanic Garden

  One of the joys of living near a big city, in my opinion, are the public botanic gardens. Among my favorites in the U.S. are the Japanese Gardens of San Francisco and the English Gardens of Roanoke Island in North Carolina. If I ever go back, I’d love to take photos of the splendors there.  In Chicago, we have one of the nicest and largest I’ve ever seen at the Chicago Botanic Garden located in Glencoe, IL.  Visiting these and any gardens or even an arboretum near your home is a great way to enjoy a staycation, or a vacation within your city. Since I’m not originally from Chicago, I always feel like I’m on vacation when I get to see new and exciting things that we don’t have in my native Ohio. Besides, you can get fresh air and a nice relaxing walk.

   This is one of the first views visitors get when entering the gardens. With all the beautiful spring-colored tulips to greet you, you are instantly reminded of the seasonal bliss in the surroundings.

  This is the greenhouse, home to the many wonderful tropical plants grown at these gardens. Because it was a chilly day, it would have been a great idea to enter the greenhouse, but I was much more interested in the outdoor foliage. 

 Spring 2010 113

My mother’s favorite flower is the tulip so I had to get a close up of these gorgeous colors just for her.


Do you know what kind of plant this is? Have you ever seen anything like this before?


Entrance to the beautiful English-inspired gardens.


Here in the Midwest, we’re used to seeing the Robin bird, but for some reason he became so interesting to me.


I absolutely love these yellow flowers.

  The colors on this tree were some of my favorites in the whole garden.


 The majestic magnolia tree is always one of my favorites.


Magnolia flower up-close. 


  If you live close to the Chicago Botanic Garden, or any public garden near your home I hope these photos inspire you to take a visit, enjoy a walk and the splendors given to us by our Creator.  If you’d like to become a member of the Chicago Botanic Garden, the most inexpensive way to do so costs $70 per year and includes free parking for one car (usually $20 each time you visit) and has some other great benefits such as a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine and some free gifts and great discounts on events, classes and the cafe at the gardens.  If you have any questions about the plants in the garden or where they’re located, go to the Plant Information desk. They will help answer your question, and you don’t have to be a member for this service. What a great cause to support- beautification of the earth and the preservation of so much botanical diversity.

  The Chicago Botanic Garden is located at 1000 Lake Cook Road in Glencoe, IL.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these Yvonne! I am so excited to go inshaAllah one day soon, you are right that not being from here makes new things all the more exciting! (although I try not to behave too much like a tourist hehe). I loved the botanic gardens in my home-city (Hamilton, New Zealand). These look amazing too!

  2. Salaams:

    As I scrolled down the page looking at the beautiful flowers I fondly recall my summer visits to many gardens in Ontario, Canada, including the picturesque Royal Botanical Gardens. Since I no longer live in Canada, I feel happy whenever I have the opportunity to see the colourful and beautiful displays of flora that abound in other parts of the world.

    Being among this beauty revives in us hope, reminds us of the bounties of the Creator and inspires us.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yvonne Marie, What can I say! You took pictures of my favorite color of tulips. I seen what you wrote about me. that was so sweet of you. I Love You So Much. You made my day. Your camera takes the most beautiful pictures, as if you were right their to grab them. I am so happy that you finally opened the Box. Love You So Much . Your OnlyNumber One Mom That Really Cares For You Always Everyday and Night..

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