Adventures in Turkish Eating: Anatolia- A Gorgeous Cookbook Giveaway

I have so many cookbooks in my culinary library, which has helped shape my cooking and my inspiration for many meals over the years. In recent years, however, I’ve been trying to dig deeper into Turkish cooking, particularly Ottoman Empire recipes and culinary techniques. Plus, I really love all the design elements in the books I do have, so they’re often really pretty to look at. More on that in a later post…

THIS book that I’m about to tell you about, however, has really topped them ALL. It is so beautiful you can keep it as a coffee table book even if you’re not into cooking: Adventures in Turkish Eating: Anatolia is a new cookbook by Somer Sivrioglu & David Dale that I want all of you to know about and love. It’s also something fun and delightful to look at and to read while hunkering down during this global pandemic of the Coronavirus, which has caught all of us totally off guard. Doesn’t that make life a little more pleasant during these challenging times? 

Why is this book special enough to be mentioned here? First of all, its cover is pure artistic design, taken straight from Turkish ceramic textiles. It will look beautiful somewhere very visible in your home, not stuffed away in a library shelf, but on a side table, a coffee table- somewhere people will pick it up and read – because I assure you they will. 

Other than recipes, you’ll also find “Essentials: History, Ingredients, & Techniques” at the beginning of the book. After the recipes, there are restaurant suggestions at the end of the book, which is awesome because so many people are always asking me where to get the best food in Istanbul, which I’m still learning myself!

A list of the favorite recipes I want to try because they sound interesting and I’ve not seen them in too many places like restaurants or even in homes here are:  

Beyran (Fiery Lamb with Rice), p. 75

Ali Nazik The Gentle Kebap Lamb and Smoked Eggplant, p. 121

Komurde Ahtapot (Mediterranean Grilled Octopus), p. 200

Pestil (Grape Leather Stuffed with Walnuts), p. 61

Keskul (Palace Pudding), p. 250

After the recipes, there are restaurant suggestions at the end of the book, which is awesome because so many people are always asking me where to get the best food in Istanbul- which I’m still learning myself!

We’re giving away one copy of this book to my readers in the United States, the UK or Australia. If you have a mailing address in any of these countries, please feel free to enter this giveaway by adding your relevant comment to this post. Entries from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia are welcome. Giveaway ends March 30, 2020.

Can’t wait to get the book? Order it now on Amazon:

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  1. This looks gorgeous – love that they include history in it as well. You can’t truly appreciate a dish the same way without understanding the story of where it came from. Also loving that if I can’t travel right now, at least my taste buds can!!

  2. Thank you! This book looks so beautiful. I love trying new cuisines especially ones that have a bit if history to them. This would be a perfect addition to my home. All the things I love: Food, Art and books!

  3. It looks beautiful. I recently bought “Falafel for breakfast “ (gorgeous cover and easy but inspiring recipes but I still have to start trying them) and Saveurs d’Istanbul – voyage au cœur de la cuisine turque (Andy Harris and David Loftus) – Tastes of Istanbul- travel to the heart of Turkish cuisine. Gorgeous pictures of the food, markets, food vendors etc and some little Antedotes. What I usually want in a cookbook is a picture with every recipe! More appealing and inspiring…

  4. Salaam! What a great give away…hmm, Turkish food, delish! Anything related to food from Turkey I love and the fact that their are restaurant suggestions for when in Turkey.

  5. The book looks beautiful I am interested in author’s suggestions for restaurants. They come in handy when I visit Turkey insha’Allah 🙂

  6. Wow! This would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I have a fair number of generic Middle Eastern Books, but nothing specific to Turkey.

  7. Amazing Ma sha Allah, I really want to have this book, my kids are big fan of Ertrugul and would love to have book like this 😉
    Beautiful cover, represent Turkish history and culture.

  8. I am fascinated by Turkish cuisine and have started exploring the cookbooks. I would love read and cook from this one.

  9. Fabulous! I saw this book once in a d&r in kusadası and it looked delightful but it was above my budget at the time. It been on my wishlist ever since.

  10. Thank you for wanting to gift somebody with this amazing cookbook. I love turkish food and I constantly google turkish recipes online. I know turkish recipes call for a lot of vegetables, are very healthy and extremely delicious. I would love to create different recipes from this cookbook. Turkish food is filled extraordinary history and each recipe is a story on it’s own.

  11. I love Turkish food. I would love to get it. I tried some recipes already but would love to have a cook book like that. It would really help me to try out more recipes

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