I grew up in an Italian family, so Thanksgiving was a beautiful mix of the all-American must-have foods on the table: a scrumptious stuffed turkey with all the dressings, a side of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes smothered in butter, green beans with almonds on top, cranberry sauce, and of course many pumpkin pies to feed the 30+ people at the table for dessert. All of this was our family’s way of following the American Thanksgiving tradition, however, because it was a celebration we also had the typical Italian party foods at the table, too: some sort of pasta like lasagna or pasta with meatballs and for appetizers there would be some sort of antipasto platter to munch on until the big dinner was served. 

So, for this Thanksgiving or any other holiday celebration coming your way, you can add a really lovely Antipasto platter with a variety of halal deli meats, some olives, Sicilian capers, cheeses, and pickled peppers (pepperoncini). All you need is to slice some rustic Italian bread thinly and leave it off to the side for guests to make their own mini sandwiches. 

For more information and instructions on how to put together this Antipasto Platter, get my cookbook, My Halal Kitchen: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, Lifestyle Inspiration


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