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Look at What’s Growing on Our Trees!

Ever since we moved to our new place, I have been intrigued by vast amount of trees and and how moist the area is. I see moss growing and also a lot of mushrooms. At first thought, I said it would be a great place to grow mushrooms- and now, look at what I’ve recently found growing on a nearby fallen tree! Some sort of mushroom species, although I will not attempt to touch, pick or consume them until I know exactly what they are. Perhaps the Illinois Mycological Association can help us figure it out?


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  1. I live in an area where I see weird things growing on trees a lot. This article was informative and intersting, thank you 🙂

  2. You never know about mushrooms, but it’s always best to be safe. At least they are pretty cool to look at growing in the wild.
    For me I feel fortunate to have discovered, Kennett Square,PA the Mushroom Capital of the World just an hour and twenty minutes from my home in N Baltimore. I drive up there about every two weeks to get the freshest and best tasting mushrooms ever.

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