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Mexican Dulces (Candies)

One of the best things about other people traveling instead of you is that they usually bring back some lovely samplers of the local culture they’ve just visited.


When my in-laws returned from Mexico recently, a beautifully wrapped box of Mexican candy was our souvenir, but we weren’t sure we would be able to enjoy any of them because of the ingredients.  Much to our surprise, the ingredients were clearly printed on every wrapper of all the different varieties in the box.

Thankfully, we understand Spanish, so language is not a barrier.

Let me translate some of the ingredients in case you ever come across some enticing (and very sweet) candies in your local Mexican store or any other way.

Mexican Candy Platter

Bolita Roge: Dulce de leche cubierta de azucar (a round milk sweet covered in sugar). The ingredients are milk (leche), sugar (azucar), baking soda and sodium benzoate (a preservative).

Linares Natilla– a goat milk candy similar to caramel thins. The ingredients are goat’s milk  (leche de cabra), sugar (azucar), glucose (glucosa), sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonato de sodio).
Linares Gloriaa round goat milk candy with nuts. The ingredients are goat’s milk  (leche de cabra), sugar (azucar), glucose (glucosa), sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonato de sodio) and pecan nuts (nuez).
Cajeta Obleas San Pablo (Milk Candy Wafers)- The ingredients are goat’s milk (leche de cabra), sugar (azucar), corn syrup  (glucosa), wheat flour (harina de trigo) and water (agua).
Next time you’re in a Mexican or Hispanic store, look for these and enjoy los dulces…

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  1. Con frecuencia amigos que van a Monterrey me traen los dulces Bolita Rogue, que puedo hacer para que me puedan enviar algun pedido personal….. gracias…

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