Where to Get Your Dates & Date Products

There are so many date companies to choose from, but I tend towards those that I have a deep familiarity with and can really understand where they come from, particularly knowing the growers and owners, if and when I can. Others I’ve taste-tested and because I can more easily verify the quality and integrity of the products, especially since they’re almost all so close to me here in Southern California, (with the exception of the Tunisian date sugar- you can watch my video with PurDate here). That’s why I feel good about recommending these products and hope to continue to add more and more in the future.

Joolie’s Organic California Whole Medjool Dates, Ramadan Gift box, date syrup and

Let’s Date organic date sugar, organic date paste, or organic date paste come from dates in the UAE and are sold by a California-based company around the United States.

Natural Delights Bard Valley Medjool Dates from California. I was able to visit the date groves near Yuma, Arizona several years ago which you can read more about here. I like their date rolls as hostess gifts for Iftar parties or for serving at your own, of course.

Nature’s Anthem dates hail from California’s Coachella Valley and the first Ramadan I came back to California, I was able to visit the groves, which you can read about here and also find links to purchase their products.

Oasis Date Gardens dates come from Thermal, California and grow 20 varieties of exotic date species. Visit their website for more information and to purchase. They even have a Ramadan promo going on right now.

PurDate products are a new brand to me, bringing date sugar from the edge of the Tunisian Sahara to the American market. The date sugar is a great alternative to white sugar and is vegan, as well. In this video, we learn more about how to actually use it in cooking and baking.

So, that’s a wrap. If you haven’t gotten your dates or date products yet or need a refill mid-month, just click on the links of the product images or titles.

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