One of the most useful tools I have in the kitchen for roasting chicken and other small birds is this upright roasting rack that actually folds away for easy storage. Once you put the pieces together, you basically just plop the bird down in their by placing its hollow cavity face down onto the rounded middle section. The pointed “feet” of the device can be used to place vegetables like potatoes that would typically be poked anyway during roasting.

Upright Roasting Rack for Whole Chicken | My Halal Kitchen Tools

What’s great about this tool is that the chicken cooks nice and evenly and browns really well, although you still have to oil and season it, of course. The flavorful fat and other drippings will collect at the bottom of the pan instead of the bird swimming in all of it, creating some not-so-crispy parts. Cooking temperatures remain the same as most other roasting recipes, but just be sure to watch the time in your oven to ensure it doesn’t burn. I like to tent the bird with foil when I want to cover it, so the top rack of the oven should be removed before heating if you want to do the same.

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  1. Do you know where I can buy this simple chicken roasting rack? I have a rack exactly like this and love it, but I've had it for years. I wanted to buy some for gifts and cannot find this exact item.
    • Hi Renae, I believe I found it at TJ Maxx, which is pretty hit or miss on these things. I've seen some similar ones on (affiliate link is listed just after the photo). I hope that helps.

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