The Story Behind Patchi Chocolates

Last year during Ramadan I introduced you to Patchi chocolates because I fell in love with their quality and taste. I had all but given up on ever finding the taste of real chocolate mixed with real nuts like hazelnuts, pistachio, and almonds that I grew up enjoying whenever someone in my family came to visit from Italy bearing gifts of chocolate con nocciole (chocolate and hazelnut). I could only ever recapture those tastes when I traveled back to Italy, and it’s been a long time since.


Patchi Chocolate and Nougat Gift Box Giveaway Item

When I bit into Patchi chocolate (an internationally-acclaimed Lebanese chocolate product line) for the first time, I was stunned at how much it brought me back to those experiences and memories of my love affair with Italian chocolates.It was an emotional experience for me, actually- they could’ve probably made a commercial out of my reaction. I’m not even sure why, but it evoked some memories I’d buried away for some time I guess…

You see, knowing that the chocolate is halal- absolutely no alcohol in the product- is a huge relief. I can enjoy the flavors I grew up with and more because they offer so much variety and creativity in their collections. Adding some traditional regional ingredients of Lebanon brings a Middle Eastern flair and flavor to the products that I love just as much.

The culinary history behind Patchi products takes us back to Lebanon where a family of confectioners carefully selected ingredients and molded chocolate pieces and other naturally sweetened treats to build what is today an international chocolate company. They are gaining traction in the U.S., alhamdulllah, as more American consumers are craving a product as natural and well-made as this one. I can honestly say, I’m just so glad they’re here…

And they’re offering One Giveaway Per Week during Ramadan, just for My Halal Kitchen readers- check out the first giveaway below (each one will be different).

Here’s more about the company from Patchi to You:

Patchi is an international brand of gourmet chocolate, confectionery and gifts.  Patchi was founded in 1974 and has grown worldwide to over 35 countries in 124 boutiques, including an online boutique for the USA and Canada.

Patchi manufactures its own products using premium all-natural ingredients.  The use of the highest quality of cocoa, nuts, and dried fruits in its crafted recipes makes the chocolates and treats menus delectable, unique in taste and rich in profound flavors and aromas. All products are from halal sources and are manufactured under strict guidelines to meet those requirements.

Some of the notable specialties Patchi produces include gianduja (cream of hazelnut mixed with cocoa butter) and croquant (thin layers of crushed hazelnuts or pistachios with honey), and nougat.  The menu of chocolates has over 40 varieties of Milk and Dark chocolate recipes.  In addition, a collection of No Sugar Added variety is listed for the sugar-content conscious consumer.  Patchi’s recipes are also free of any alcohol and pork by-products.

Chocolates are dressed up in fashionable designs with hand crafted decorative articles, ribbons and coordinated colored wrapping papers.  The assembly of chocolates in containers such as glass bowls, vases, trays, and silver platters make a unique bouquet of delectable treats that fit occasions and special life events. Think of it as a bouquet of chocolates, served in a vase, bowl, basket or, a platter.  The chocolates and treats get assembled in a thematic way with colors and decorations to present a beautiful and memorable gift.  Some of the chocolates are wrapped decorated with hand made flowers or accessories.  Today, this product concept has become an elegant gift idea to treat family and friends at various occasions and celebrations.

Every year, Patchi releases new designs, colors, and arrangements catering to the various celebrations around the world: Weddings/Bridal, Baby, Ramadan/Eid, and more.

About the Patchi Tassali Ramadan Collection

For the holy month of Ramadan, Patchi releases a special selection of chocolates catered towards the traditions and flavors preferred and commonly sought after by the fasting communities around the world.  The use of dates, pistachio paste, mango paste, and marzipan is blended in a variety of Milk or Dark chocolates and presented in an appetizing form.  The selection is well suited for personal treats after Iftar, or for the social traditions of Ramadan with Iftar events, gift-giving for ‘Eid and more.

Enter to win a box of the Tassali Ramadan Collection, a $40 value, by commenting below about your own personal experience with chocolate- what’s your favorite? Do you have any special memories associated with a particular type of chocolate? Have you ever tasted Patchi?

Please read the Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering. Entering indicates you have read them. Giveaway ends at 12:01 am on August 1, 2012.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary shipment of Patchi chocolates but was not paid or asked to review it.

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  1. Cadbury’s 5 star….one bite transports you to carefree days of childhood,the sweetness & comfort of a cozy blanket you snuggle into,while you watch raindrops outside the window,pure unadulterated bliss!
    I have never tasted Patchi chocolates,since I’m allergic to egg & egg products,I’m cautious about trying chocolates whose ingredients I’m not aware of:)Thank you for introducing Patchi to me…….I absolutely can relate to that emotional bit…..I feel the same way about Cadbury’s 5 star too:)))

  2. My favorite chocolate has to be Marshal Field’s Frango Mint. I was raised in Chicago and whenever my dad wanted to get us a special treat, he would take us to Marshal Fields on State Street and buy us each a small box (4 pieces). Definitely brings back sweet childhood memories 🙂 I have never had a chance to try Patchi, though I would love to start a tradition with my own kids, insha’Allah.

  3. As a chocolate lover, who is making lifestyle improvements, I’ve started making cream of wheat by heating 1.25 cups of water, adding 2 tsps. of dark cocoa powder (from Trader Joe’s), 2 tsps. of brown sugar, 3 Tablespoons of dry cream of wheat, stirring that together until thickened & then adding 3/4 cup of frozen Cherry Berry Blend (Trader Joe’s) and topping w/ sliced almonds – YUMMY!
    I’ve never tasted Patchi, but they sound like an amazingly elegant treat.

  4. As a child, I loved the bi-annual visits from my uncle who would bring my siblings and me a big purple tin of Quality Street chocolates from overseas. As the youngest, I had to wait longingly, sometimes for days, for a parent or elder sibling to open the tin, upon which I would begin a routine of surreptitiously sneaking chocolates when no one was looking. The blue-wrapped chocolates, or coconut eclairs, would always disappear first. I would steal one away in my pocket, find a quiet corner and enjoy the sweet, chocolatey coating before my tongue hit that chewy, toothsome core of creamy coconut. Bliss. I’d love to discover that feeling anew and Patchi, which I’ve never tasted, just might be the ticket.

  5. My favorite chocolate is Cadbury Silk. My teeth just sinks into the chocolate and I love that gooey feeling. I have lessened the intake of chocolate in recent years, but I would like to try Patchi chocolates!

  6. Who doesn’t love chocolate
    I love melting chocolate and making chocolate bark
    Everyone seems to love it as well
    IA I can win this love your giveaways

  7. Chocolate brings many delicious experiences. However, my attempt at chocolate covered baby carrots was not the most pleasing, and neither was finding out that a chocolate brand I used to have because of the rich chocolate had alcohol in its raspberry filling version that I had more often. I think assurance of ‘halalness’ adds extra bit of ‘flavour’ to chocolates/food in general. Though, I have never tried Patchi, but would love to.

  8. chocolate has been a staple of my house ever since i can remember. as a child i loved eating the normal candies found in all stores but now enjoy experimenting with dark chocolate and gourmet/homemade chocolate. when i traveled overseas a friend gifted me a box of merci chocolates and they have been a favorite ever since! i would like to try patchi and see what the flavors are like.

  9. I love all chocolate ! My all time favorite is dark chocolate covered pretzel rods from Rocky Mountain candy shop. When I was a little girl I loved s’mores that my father would make for me and my sister.. All chocolate for me:)

  10. I’ve never had Patchi chocolates. This is the first time I’ve heard of them. I buy Godiva chocolate . We love the chocolate covered strawberries and macaroons. My Daddy would bring my Mother big heart shaped boxes of chocolates along with flowers. My Mother always shared with us as we were seven in number.

    I have been to France and French West Africa, if Patchi’s chocolates surpass what we had in those countries, I would be a customer for life. Smile.

  11. I absolutely love dark chocolate with toasted almonds. I would love to try Patchi chocolates.

  12. I love chocolate, and my favorite is fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with tons of semisweet chips in them, one bite just makes me feel young again. I really love a deep dark hot chocolate with gingersnaps on the side, so good! My parents are from Lebanon and I have tried Patchi they are so good!

  13. I am a huge chocolate fan but I have never tasted Patchi’s chocolates! I have experienced quite a bit of chocolates around the world and some of my favorites come from Belgium and Italy. I remember my first chocolate with liquid espresso in the middle.

  14. My favorite memory with chocolate is during Eid as a child. Our dad would buy us each a carton of our favorite candy. That would make our day 🙂

  15. I love love love chocolate! My two favorite types of chocolate are the ones that contain nuts, mint or coffee. One of my favorite brands is Topic, made by Mars, Incorporated in France and sold throughout Europe. It contains hazelnuts, nougat and caramel. This particular bar reminds me of my childhood when dad would bring back some chocolate whenever he traveled to London. My other favorite is Pocket Coffee made by Ferrero. It is basically a cube of dark chocolate filled with liquid Italian Espresso! My sister and I discovered these while traveling through Europe a few years ago.
    I’ve heard of Patchi but unfortunately never got the chance to try any. Hopefully now will be my opportunity to try out some Patchi IA!

  16. I am a chocoholic. I <3 chocolate. I first read about Patchi chocolates on your website during the previous giveaway but I got the opportunity to try them. I have only consumed Lindt or Godiva since I moved to USA and I would LOVE a Middle Eastern flavor for a change. The fact that Patachi only uses all natural, quality ingredients makes Patachi chocolate a guilty pleasure I wouldn't feel too guilty about! The packaging is so elegant and beautiful that it would make a perfect eid gift.

  17. I was born in Yemen and lived in a remote village until I was 9 yrs. My first time of having chocolate I was seven years old. My uncle came home from abroad and brought Cadburry chocolate assortment that comes in a purple tin can. Every piece was wrapped in colorful shiny plastic wrap and it looked like gems. My favorite was the purple wrapped, it was chocolate filled with nuts. I feel like a kid every time I see it!

    I have never had Patchi chocolate or heard of it before this site.

  18. I had access to Patchi chocolates since I stayed in the middle east for sometime. But I regret that I did not have enough of it. Who knew that such quality tasting treats are so rare. They were available in Patchi’s gourmet stores and these chocolates are considered luxury and a favorite gift choice back there. Infact I was introduced to it through a gift to my dad. I still remember how me and my brother emptied the box the same night, lol cos we hadn’t eaten such chocolates before. We are only familiar with the same old chocolate combinations but Patchi can change a person’s entire viewpoint on chocolates. I prefer the European chocolates, the rich creamy varities but with it also comes the fear if it’s halal or not. Who knows what goes into them? I wish Patchi also makes a separate box of just plain milk chocolates what we all crave apart from it’s other exotic combinations. If i win this giveaway, I would love to present this box to my husband who hasn’t tasted Patchi yet. I would love to see his expression after he bites in. Wassalam!

  19. I’ve never tried Patchi but would love to. I constantly have a sweet tooth that only disappears during fasting hours. These chocolates would be a great treat during iftar or after dinner.

  20. My favorite chocolate has got to be cadbury milk chocolate…for it offers the simple pleasure of pure chocolate melting in the mouth. And i love big bars of cadbury; as a kid i would have my own bar lovingly tended to make it last longer. I would nibble a few pieces everyday and wrap the leftover for the next day until the bar would eventually finish. Another memory is of the time I had my first Patchi chocolate-my first and last time unfortunately. A friend of mine had returned from a holiday in Europe and as soon as she got back she told me she’d got me ‘something special’. I had heard of Patchi chocolates but only as a luxury brand that common people didnt usually eat and had never seen one before. When I met her after her holiday, she took me aside and handed me what looked to me like a beautifully wrapped gift. Eager to ‘open the gift’, I discovered it was the divine tasting Patchi chocolate, and the taste lingers to this day.

  21. My all time favourite chocolate is from Trade-aid, a not for profit organisation which is fair trade in all their products, including the cocoa, sugar and coffee beans in the chocolate. Its definitely a brand here in New Zealand but not sure if you find it overseas. My fav chocolate of theirs is organic milk chocolate with mocha filling. See it here:

    Strongest childhood memory of chocolate is a timtam slam!!! Timtams are chocolate biscuits with a chololate cream filling, covered in chocolate. What we would do is have a hot milo (hot cocoa), nibble off either end of the timtam, use the timtam as a straw and suck the milo through the timtam, then slam it into our mouths…. AMAZING!!!!!!!! Am watering at the mouth thinking about it… probably doesnt help that I’m fasting!!! Anyway here is a picture of how its done:

    I have never heard of Patchi before this post, let alone ever tasted Patchi, so would love to get a chance to indulge in and share this delicious sounding chocolate from the way you describe it.

    Many thanks


  22. I would love the opportunity to try Patchi Chocolate, I am also a chocoholic as others have listed here. My favorite chocolate is reese’s peanut butter cups.

  23. Recently I’ve become a fan of Lindt and really enjoy their dark chocolate. I would love to try patchi!

  24. Oooohh Patchi!! Love it!
    While we would not get Patchi regularly, we cherished it the few times we got it while we were growing up in the middle east.
    We would occasionally get them for eid and would not like to open them because they looked exquisite. Obviously we couldn’t resist for too long and then they were gone in no time.
    I absolutely loved galaxy while growing. When I recently tried it , they seem to have changed their formula, so not one of my favorites anymore.

  25. Ferrero Rocher chocolates have played an important role in our marriage. When my husband came to meet my parents for the first time, he brought these chocolates and sneaked one into my mouth when things appeared to be going well during that meeting.
    Since then, it has been a staple for all happy occasions in our life. We bought those when I got pregnant-twice, my husband finished his training and started first job, and when we bought our first home. I hope to have many more happy-happenings in our life to celebrate with this treat, inshallah.
    Patchi chocolates seem to be special treats that we have never tried so would love to taste it too:-)

  26. I’m a chocolate lover and I do not discriminate between them, haha. All are my favorite! But I have a special place in my heart for anything with almonds :). I have not tried patchi but had the website saved in my favorites for a year now, waiting for a special occasion.

  27. I have a been a chocoholic since a child, so much so that my parents called me brownie. I would always shun candy for chocolate. Now I see this trait in my kids (I married one too). But we emphasize quality over quantity and will spend a bit more for the good stuff. We have Knipschildt Chocolatier nearby that we like to frequent. Once you switch, Hershey’s just doesn’t cut it! That’s why I’m excited to try Patchi.

  28. I miss Australian chocolate, Cadbury here in the US just doesn’t cut it. Would love to try Patchi, from your description it sounds positively exquisite!

  29. a bad day is bad so much brighter by lots of dua and some accompanying chocolate. any kind with nuts!

  30. I still remember as a 6 year old running to the door when 9 pm struck on the clock with my siblings awaiting for my dad’s arrival from work and eyeing his hand to look for the brown paper bag filled with chocolate goodness. I would sit in a corner and close my eyes and indulge each bite as it was my last. Chocolate reminds me of happy, loving memories. It gives me comfort and calms me in those crazy hormonal days. Thank you Allah for this heavenly delight. It is truly a woman’s gift from GOD. I love all kinds of chocolate to have any favorites. But GODIVA truffles definitely tickle my taste buds and makes my tummy dance with joy! I haven’t heard of Patchi until this site. I am impressed with its elegant presentation (the wrap, the box, the bow). You know it has to taste good just by the looks of it!

  31. I am #1 fan of CHOCOLATE! If it has the word chocolate, I am all over it. The only only chocolate that I am not COCO about it is dark chocolate, I know it’s good for me but I can’t stand the bitter taste yack! But still number #1 fan!

  32. Our world today has a plethora of chocolate lovers, myself included. Of course, ramadan blessings abound when free and highly recommended chocolates are given away. Mercy on the provider and the beneficiary!

  33. Good chocolate is one of the great pleasures in the world. I am a chocolate addict, lover and a passionate advocate and I think this is inscribed in my genes. I have come to discover that I passed these genes onto both of my boys! I can’t remember my first experience eating chocolate, I probably was too young to remember . I have tasted lots of chocolates from different parts of the world, as my family traveled a lot while I was growing up. European chocolates have been a favourite due to their deep and vivid flavour. I first tasted Patchi chocolates at a cousin’s baby shower party. I was amazed by how delicate and rich these chocolates were. The packaging was very elegant and modern. Those chocolates were a breath of fresh air compared to the variety available in N. America. I have done some research on Patchi and discovered that the founder in Lebanon (Mr. Choucair) has built the Patchi shops in Lebanon out of his passion for good chocolate. And you can taste that passion with every bite of the heavenly delicious Patchi chocolates. My current favourite Patchi selections are: Amandine, Pistachio, and Arabica. I would be honoured were I to be chosen to receive the Ramadan Tasali gift box from Patchi.

  34. what’s your favorite? Do you have any special memories associated with a particular type of chocolate? Have you ever tasted Patchi?

    My favorite chocolate is the Turkish pistachio chocolate called Ulker. I also love Kinder Bueno. I definitely have a fondness of typical American chocolates but I’ve always had a preference for the foreign chocolate taste…which is what makes me so curious and excited to taste Patchi.
    My love of foreign chocolates began when I was just a young child and every year we would have relatives from overseas come to visit they would bring me chocolates. I loved them so much I would even save the pretty wrappers =]

  35. my all-time favorite is Cadbury fruit and nut, so creamy and rich. i love white chocolate, too.

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