How to Preserve Canned Tomato Paste Once It’s Opened

Do you ever open up a can of tomato paste for just one tablespoon required for your recipe and then you’re left with most of the can open or with the cut metal lid semi-open,semi-closed? The paste begins to blacken a bit after a couple of days. Pretty soon, if you haven’t closed it properly, the whole can goes moldy and you’ve wasted a perfectly fine can of tomato paste. There is no barakah in wasting, so let’s figure out a great way to get more blessing in our food by saving it properly for the next use.

Here’s my Easy 3-Step Solution To Preserving Canned Tomato Paste:

You’ll need one small storage container to store the paste. I like the small Ball Plastic Freezer Jars

Use a can opener to open the top of the can of tomato paste. Remove the circular piece of metal top that comes off.

Flip the can over and do the same to the other side. Do not remove the metal; instead, push the tomato paste downward until all of the contents are in the storage container, then remove the metal top.

Close the lid on the container tightly and store freshly for a couple of weeks.

That’s it. No mess and no waste. Now you can use it to make Chicken Bouillabaise and numerous other recipes that call for small amounts of tomato paste, without worrying about needless waste.

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  1. I do this – I usually use a glass jar and keep it in the refrigerator, although I believe that you can freeze it as well. I’m going to ask my niece for her baby food jars for this very purpose!

  2. Masha ALLAH, I did this a couple of times and it still went bad maybe because I stored it in the fridge and didn’t get to use it for a while. I found a better way of saving it, I scoop it out of the tin as you mentioned then I cover it completely with Oil ( vegetable/canola oil), I prefer to use smaller containers or narrow containers so I flatten out the paste in the container and just add a thin layer of oil on the top. This way it keeps in my fridge for weeks and I prefer to have it in the fridge ready to scoop as opposed to storing it in the freezer and having to wait for it to thaw out before use.
    As for the oil, I use it along with my last scoop of tomato paste as part of the required oil in the recipe.

  3. Salams,
    I prefer to purchase tomato paste in glass jar, many Turkish brands available in glass.
    Putting some oil enough to cover the paste, helps to prevent from going bad as well.

  4. I do the exact same thing as Ummammar except I use olive oil and like she said you can use the oil along with the paste….It keeps for weeks.

  5. I probably should’ve clarified that I was aiming to preserve tomato paste once a can is opened and it’s to be used up within a week or two. I do use olive oil on top, just didn’t include it here- I was so focused on getting it out of that can!

  6. I place in glass jar and keep on my door shelf in the freezer. Doesnt take long to thaw, but one time I made it even simplier on myself … I took tablespoons on a saran wrap and twisted like taffy candy, placed all into a glass jar in the freezer. If only I always had that much time, it usually is just a minute to pop into the freezer HAHA 🙂

  7. I think….you just saved the life of my next can of tomato paste! I am SO guilty of letting it get moldy and weird because I didn’t use all of it, or guilty of trying to cram more into a recipe than needed just so this didn’t happen. And no, I don’t want to freeze small dollops in little baggies either…THIS is so SIMPLE and brilliant. Thanks 🙂

  8. as salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    I usually freeze the left over tomatoe paste. I use it so infrequently, this is the best way way for me not to waste.

    great article.

  9. I take the ice cube maker and measure a tbsp of the paste in each cube and then freez it. Later on I take out the cubes and put them in a ziplock bag. This way they are pre-measured and I don’t have to thaw the whole thing for just 1 tsp/tbsp. I add it directly to the pot.

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