I get a lot of questions daily asking me for recommendations on what people should try when they come to Turkey for a visit. For me, it’s always been more about ingredients than specific restaurants. I’m a huge fan of shopping at grocery stores when I travel because I like to see everything that is on display for the locals to cook with in their meals. While restaurants are wonderful to experience and almost always a necessity when traveling, the reality is that you’re trying a whole dish most of the time, and not one specific ingredient, untouched. Also, you’re most likely getting the cheapest ingredients they can find since they need so many to put all those meals together. 

That said, such is the case with one Turkish product I simply have grown to love: suzme yogurt (not any particular brand). 

Suzme means ‘strained’, so you’ll also see this word used in front of peynir (cheese). Basically, it’s the thickest version of Turkish yogurt. In the U.S. it’s usually called Greek-style yogurt. 

How or when do I use it? 

  • To make yogurt parfaits
  • On top of fresh fruit
  • In my Turkish Breakfast Eggs with Yogurt recipe (it’s thickness is so great because it cooks almost like cheese and doesn’t separate). 
  • Top dishes like stuffed grape leaves or stuffed peppers. 

If you come to Turkey, just trust me and be sure to try the suzme (strained) yogurt. I’m not endorsing any specific brand, just this variety of thick yogurt you must taste!


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