We have an exciting new giveaway for TWO new SprinJene Halal Toothpaste Products, available in our new online store, My Halal Market: Adult Sensitivity varieties for Cavity Protection and Flouride Free. They are halal-certified, so you don’t have to worry about any funny stuff in your toothpaste, including those pork-based gelatins that are definitely not in there. And, my favorite part is that many of their varieties include Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa), which is an all-natural (and prophetic ingredient) that is very good for dental health. 

Leave a comment below as to what you like in your toothpaste, whether or not you knew about the how or why toothpaste should be Halal and you will be automatically entered into our giveaway. Read our contest giveaways here. Giveaway ends March 10, 2018, CST. To see more Sprinjene varieties, including their halal toothpaste for children, visit My Halal Market and get yours now! 

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  1. Finally, an all natural toothpaste, I don't have to worry about ingredients or exposing me or my kids to fluoride and its harmful effects
  2. I need toothpaste for sensitivity but I don't like to use American toothpaste. I like to buy halal Ingredients.
  3. I love minty or fruit flavored toothpastes, but I’ve slowly been trying to convert everything in my house (food, cosmetics, household products, toiletries, etc.) to safer and healthier alternatives. I knew to look out for pork based products in toothpaste, but they still contain a lot of artificial colors and other harmful ingredients. Glad I don’t have to think twice about these. :)
  4. I never knew until this post that toothpastes had non halal ingredients in them The most interesting flovor i have ever tried is cinnamon mint and i loved it!
  5. I love minty toothpastes as they leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. I've known about looking for animal products within toothpastes and though there are a few varieties for adults it's hard to find halal and healthy toothpastes for children to use
  6. I have very sensitive teeth, with teeth pain at this very moment! there are so many to avoid because of their ingredients!
  7. I always try to go for organic , natural and halal products. Like cosmetics, soap bars, toothpaste etc
  8. Asalaamu alaikum I need know we needed fluoride in our toothpaste as where I live in Yorkshire theirs no fluoride in our water but with the help of the these natural halal ingredients that's great ! fluoride free !depenging on the taste a liitle minty taste wil be great and refreshing for the mouth
  9. I started using recently organic toothpaste with green tea and mint, without fluoride. But my teeth are still sensitive so Id like to try how black seed helps.
  10. I love minty toothpaste leaving my mouth fresh and clean. Best if it is organic made of all natural ingredients.
  11. My son is Autistic.When he brush his teeth instead of spitting it out he sallow the toothpaste.I heard this toothpaste is made of natural ingredients.I want use it for him.
  12. Looking forward to trying the different varieties. Of course, happy to see it's halal and made from natural ingredients.
  13. I like chemical free natural organic ingredients in my toothpaste that is good for over all oral health
  14. I reach for toothpaste which leave me with a minty breath and i look for toothpaste organically made. I had no clue toothpaste contains animal gelatin, excited to learn about this brand offering natural halal options, MashAllah.
  15. I stick to organic, vegetarian toothpaste even if it costs more. Peppermint flavor is my favorite. Interested in trying the black seed toothpaste though.
  16. I like a toothpaste that leaves my teeth feeling clean and my mouth fresh. I had no idea about Halal toothpaste or toothpaste containing gelatin. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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