How Ramadan Brings Us Closer to Those We Love

This post is sponsored by Evite® as part of the Evite® Influencer Program.  Everyone I know absolutely loves the month of Ramadan. For those who don’t observe it, you might be wondering how we can actually enjoy fasting from food and water all.day.long. Well, the reality is that that is definitely not the easiest thing to do, but what compensates in big ways is the fact that we love being on the same schedule with each other. Everyone in the house typically eats at the same time, for example- what an opportunity to bond in a fantastic way. For me personally, I absolutely love the fact that the entire world is observing the fast and somewhere around the world we know one of a few things is happening: people are fasting, people are breaking their fasts (iftar), people are praying the night prayers (taraweeh), or eating the early morning meal (suhoor).  Globally, Muslims eat different things, of course, based on culture, location, taste preferences. Although food is not the main focus of Ramadan, it still has so much importance in that we are looking forward to good food once sunset comes and we can eat throughout the night, should we desire.  We also love to entertain during Ramadan. Having people over for Iftar, whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues, is such a beautiful thing. It’s one of the greatest joys of Ramadan, in fact.  The belief is that there is a reward from God when one feeds fasting people, so there is a huge desire within us to do just that.  That said, most people have a booked up schedule during Ramadan so it’s important to get out the invitations as quickly as possible. Evite® is a great way to do that when you use their Ramadan designs for Iftar invitations and more. 

Pretty lantern designs make this particularly design unique and beautiful. Click on the design to create and send your own.


How does Ramadan bring YOU closer to the people you love? 

Please share these designs and more with your family, friends and loved ones and use hashtags #Evite #BeThere.  To find more Ramadan and Eid invitations, go to the Evite website and search here

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