Most people don’t think there’s much to buy from a farmers market in the winter– in cold places, like Chicago.

Though it’s technically spring, it’s still cold outside. That’s why I’m glad there are indoor farmers markets like this one: Green City Market.

Last year I met Alice Waters when she signed a copy of her book, Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea, and I watched the number of vendors grow from  a nice amount in the spring to a large number of vendors with all their wonderful, fresh summer produce in late July.

During the market’s winter schedule, the vendors are set up on two floors of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum near Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

Entrance of the Green City {Winter} Market

Beets & Large Red Radishes by King’s Hill Farm

Ostrich Eggs from King’s Hill Farm


Mushroom Flower from River Valley Kitchens


Apples & Chestnuts

Hen’s Eggs from King’s Hill Farm- the one in the front middle is a pale green color!

I got most of my produce from King’s Hill Farm and was totally impressed by the fact that they had not only hen’s eggs, but also duck and ostrich eggs. They’re a bit pricey ($18.00/6 eggs), but then again where in the world are you going to get ostrich eggs? They’re enormous and rare.

King’s Hill Farm

Green Thumb Manifesto, LLC

Joel Kellum, Farm Manager

19370 County Road G

Mineral Point, WI 53565

(608) 776-8413

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  1. Thanks for sharing this local treasure trove - I did not realize there was an indoor City market. Ostrich eggs, eh? I feel lucky to get the occasional duck or goose egg from my Indiana parent's hobby farm. :) Beautiful photographs, by the way.

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