I promise you this is a super easy side dish for any night of the week or any morning when you have some time to make that breakfast even just a little bit special. It doesn’t involve peeling potatoes (who has time for that!) or chopping them into super fine pieces just to make them quick-cooking.

My oven-roasted potatoes are so much easier and quicker and such a fantastic side dish to meats and fish, breakfast eggs, and more. Just get the smaller potatoes (aka: baby potatoes) which cook faster, especially when quartered, so it’s like doubly-quick.

To make, simply quarter each one, place in an oven safe pan, sprinkle sea salt and drizzle olive oil on top, bake at 350F for 20-30 minutes. Remove from oven and add dried parsley for sure- squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on top and add a bit of slightly roasted minced garlic (optional). They’re yummo, I swear…



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