One of the things I really love doing is showing people how to make simple, all-natural recipes using truly wholesome ingredients. It’s an additional bonus when those products have been halal-certified to ensure that the entire process of bringing that product to market is also halal, as there can always be issues with other ingredients crossing into a halal product and there can be issues with packaging, too. For more information on that, check out the IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council) website, as they are a tremendous source of information on all things halal-certified and food science. I’m working with IFANCA on their upcoming halal and healthy workshops around the Chicagoland area where I’ll be conducting food demos on four different recipes, all super simple and all nusing halal-certified products.

This chocolate drink is one of four I’ll be making and our audience tasting at each one. If you can’t be at the workshop, you can still enjoy the flavors, the simplicity of the process and see which halal-certified products can be used to make it.

Chocolate Shake

For more information about the locations, dates and times of the workshops,  please visit the IFANCA Facebook or Twitter pages. Of course I’ll be sharing on the My Halal Kitchen Facebook and Twitter pages, too. We’d love to see you in person! 


Chocolate & Banana Smoothie
Yields 2
  1. 1 bar Godiva dark chocolate almond bar, 72% cacao (4.4 ounces/125 grams)
  2. 1 banana
  3. 15 ounces Organic Valley whole milk (almost 2 cups)
  1. Place chocolate bar and banana in a blender then add the milk. Cover and blend for up to two minutes, or until the chocolate and banana are completely blended together and the texture of the drink is smooth.
  2. Pour and serve or chill until ready to serve.
My Halal Kitchen by Yvonne Maffei
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  1. Hi, according to Muslim Consumer Group the chocolate you've used is not halal - have you inquired with the company on its status? It'd be great if it were...
    • Elif, I am familiar with MCG and perhaps you can let them know that I worked with IFANCA, the Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America, on this workshop. They have certified this particular Godiva chocolate HALAL, which is why it was used in the recipe for this workshop. Thanks.

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