10 Simple Kitchen Hacks to Make Ramadan Cooking Easier

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During these long summer fasts, we sure could use as much help as possible to make the normally mundane tasks of life that much easier. Here are ten hacks that have worked for me over the years and I continue to use them this Ramadan simply because they just work- and I’ve learned a little something about making life easier- there’s no less reward for being more efficient!

  1. Clean out your fridge and pantry. Get rid of all old condiments and spices. Wipe everything down. Make a quick list of what you need to replace. It’ll make you feel better about cooking and being in your kitchen with a clean slate. 

    Storage shelves in pantry with homemade canned preserved fruits and vegetables
  2. Get Chinese take out boxes. to store leftovers and to give food to neighbors, let guests take home leftovers. 
  3. Marinate chicken in ziploc bags for use in recipes later. Store fresh chicken in fridge or freezer. 
  4. Use dried fruit or fruit paste to make fruit juices. Simply cut into desired size of pieces and add to hot or boiling water. Cover and stir.  

    Various dried fruits on wooden table top view
  5. Get a few convenient frozen items. This make entertaining easier and weeknight meals less stressful. Find some great options here

  6. Make your favorite smoothie combinations. Freeze them for the whole month so you can enjoy them at either Suhoor or Iftar time.
  7. Get potted herbs at your local nursery or farmer’s market. They’ll make adding freshness and zing to any dish so much easier when they’re right at your finger tips. 
  8. Plan on making sandwiches or wraps at some point during Ramadan. They’re quick and easy and when it’s hot outside sometimes you just don’t want to do any cooking! You can make them hearty or light and even entertain a crowd by making long sub sandwiches with these deli meats
  9. Pick one day and shop for most veggies and fruits. Chop, dice, mince and store them in the fridge for easy access throughout the week of cooking.

    Four filled and colorful eco-friendly shopping bags in the back seat of a car.
  10. Keep the table set at all times for either Iftar or Suhoor, doing it after the cleanup of each meal. It’ll alleviate some stress and save time when you’re either too tired, groggy or running out of precious minutes to serve and eat.

I would love to hear what you think my Ramadan hacks and if you have any of your own, please share for everyone to benefit from, as well.

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