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Substitutes for Alcohol in Baking

Using alcohol in baking is widely done in many types of desserts, but there is a wonderful array of very good quality substitutes that are alcohol-free. For general substitutes, refer to the chart below. A PDF version is available at the end of this post.

Halal Substitutes in Baking- JPEG

PDF Version Available Here

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  1. Informative blog, exactly what I was looking for.

  2. Hi there, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  3. Hi to everybody, it’s my first visit to this blog; this blog includes awesome and excellent information designed for readers. Thanks!

  4. Hiii, plz is there any substitute for Dry Sherry or Sherry ? Thank you

  5. Aoa

    Can you please tell us the substitute for Dijon mustard as it contains white wine?


  6. Do you have any substitute for red wine?

    • I have found that using tamarind paste mixed with water, is an excellent substitution for red wine when making thiings like stews and sauces. It adds a rich, tart flavor that is very similar to red wine.

  7. Perfect … keep it up

  8. I just have a question, do all vanilla extracts in grocery stores have alcohol?

  9. fabulous! this is so useful! i love it.

  10. Peace Be Upon You. Alhamdulillah for sharing us with a useful info of halal recipes. May I know what kind of most dishes are you recommending in this blog. I am a Thai-Muslim and have a few knowledge about foods and cooking but honestly I am interested in learning to cook general local dishes. I can only cook some of simple menu and especially keen to learn how to cook an Italian foods, Meditoreninan meals and European foods. In addition, most of ingredients demonstrated here are hardly found here in Thailand, the humid and rainy country zone. Any suggesstions?

    Thank you for ur kind advice. May Allah reward u in return.

    Mohd.Sukree, soutern unrest zone of Thailand

  11. Is beef gelatin halal?

    • @Nayyer- Technically yes, beef is a halal animal so beef gelatin shouldn’t necessarily be an issue, however, I prefer to only have beef gelatin (or a product with it) if the animal has also been raised and processed (i.e. slaughtered) according to the humane practices in accordance with Islamic standards. In other words, that the beef is “dhabiha” or “dhabiha halal”.

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