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Fruit Kebobs

There is nothing more refreshing to me on a hut summer day than cold, cold watermelon. Pineapple is great, too. So are melons! I just love them all and I love them cold. I made these kebobs because not only did I have a lot of fruit from my foray at the grocery store that morning, but I also wanted it to be fun for my little cousin to eat. I thought if she saw the fruit in small bites and on a stick that she might find it more fun to eat, especially when topped with a tiny strawberry from my edible balcony garden. Turns out she did eat the fruit, but not with as much excitement as the adults in the bunch. I guess everyone gets excited when fruit actually tastes like fruit because it’s served fresh and seasonally.

Fruit kebabs are so simple to make, you don’t really need a recipe. Just slip any of your favorite fruits onto a wooden skewer. Grapes, oranges, thick slices of peaches will all go great on a stick. If you plan on grilling fruit, a peach & pineapple combination would be absolutely delicious together.

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