Did you know that it’s super important to salt food during the cooking process and not afterwards or near the end (except in the rare case of making a nice juicy steak)?

add sea salt

The reason is that if you salt early on in the process, it brings out the flavor in the ingredients, but if you do it too late it simply makes the food taste well…salty.

salt 700

What are your main issues with salt when cooking? Any tips you’d like to share yourself on the topic?

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  1. Salam Alaikum, JazakAllah khair sister btw I read its ok to salt steak but make sure to do it at least 45minutes before cooking, salt with tenderise meat and draw the juice out of the meat but will rehydrate given time inshaAllah
  2. I like to add salt when I'm sauteeing veggies, right at the beginning! The salt helps draw out the water in them and cookies them faster :).

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