Video Series with Dr. Madiha Saeed of Holistic Mom, MD

We had an amazing couple of months here with the fabulously smart Dr. Madiha Saeed, a Chicago area MD who just finished the book, The Holistic Rx (now available on Amazon). She specializes in gut health and healing chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, but addresses just about everything under the sun in that book.

Why did I want to work with Dr. Saeed on these series? Because we’re on the same page about health- the mind, body, soul connection that runs deep into the heart of many of our biggest physical and emotional challenges. I know because I was there, and she helped me immensely to pick up the pieces, take charge of my health and get back on track. 

You’ll see in this series of videos what I’m talking about.

The first one is an introduction to Halal & Tayyib– what it really means and why you need to know more about that- or at least get reminded to get back to the basics and how. Don’t mind the blurred intro screen- once you click on the arrow, it’ll take you to a working video. 

The second video we talked about gut health and how to heal and inflamed gut with the implementation of pure foods- and we give some examples of what that looks like, pulling things straight from our fridge and pantries. 

The third video was about addressing issues with pre-diabtes and diabetes. This was close to my heart because it’s what hits home to me the most. Over the summer she ran my numbers and I was astonished to find out that I was pre-diabetic! Due to chronic stress and super low Vitamin D levels, I had to get back on track and follow the same advice she gives in this video to get completely back on track. A few months later and my numbers were out of the red but I’m still following her protocol because I feel great! 

In the fourth video we get into the kitchen to talk about some of the foods and recipes you can make that will make it easy to follow her guidelines for optimal health. The recipe is soon to be posted on a separate blog post so stay tuned for that. If you’re not subscribed already, be sure to do so here so you don’t miss it: www.myhalalkitchen.com/subscribe

The fifth video was about the spiritual side of a healthy lifestyle and what elements we should pay attention to in order to get things lined up again.

Our last, bonus video was about the launch of her new book, The Holistic Rx, something we’re very proud of her doing. Congratulations, Dr. Saeed and thank you so much for blessing us with your hard-earned knowledge and contributing your time to raising awareness around such life-changing information. 

You can follow Dr. Saeed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @HolisticMomMD. 

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