How to Re-Use Pistachio ShellsOnce you’ve had your healthy dose of pistachios for the day, don’t throw out those precious shells! If you’re gardening on a small or large scale, you can use the shells to provide great soil drainage. No need to grind, just place at the bottom of the inside of the pot before adding dirty and they replace pebbles and other stones that are often purchased to provide proper drainage necessary to keep plants healthy. You can also put them underneath the pots much like you would if making a gravel or pebble stand in a tray underneath.

Also, the shells can be used as a supplement to your garden mulch, so if you have any extra, simply throw them into the mix. It is best to soak the shells in water overnight first to prepare the tough shells for this job.

If you’re a really serious gardener, you probably have a compost bin and know that you’ll never throw these precious shells out in the garbage because they’ll help turn the rest of your composted items into the black gold known as dirt.

*Just be sure to remove any salt before doing any of this, as salt can kill plants (which makes it a great weed killer).


  1. You can mix them with wood pellets in your multi fuel pellet stove.I find doing this makes the fire hotter and there are less klinkers to clean later

  2. Yes they burn really well they must have a little bit of oil in them like birch bark does. They put off some heat! I eat a lot of pistachios so this works out great in Alaska


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