Homemade Skincare: Cucumber Refresher

Cucumber Refresher | My Halal Kitchen Natural Skincare Recipes

This is the last post I have planned for my seven days of homemade skincare recipe ideas. I’d love to know how you liked the recipes, if you tried them and how they worked for you. Since I’ve had much success with all of these, I hope you have been able to or will in the future, insha’allah, be able to benefit from using all natural, halal skincare ideas.

Now on to the last homemade skincare idea for this week. The most common use for cucumbers in natural skin care is to put them over the eyes to reduce the visibility of puffiness. You can, in fact use this juicy vegetable to hydrate your entire face and leave it feeling fresh without a hint of any type of fragrance.

Cucumber Refresher


  • ½ large cucumber, peeled and finely sliced into circles


Relax your body in a resting position on a couch or bed. Place as many pieces of cucumber pieces on your face as you can. Leave on for 10-15 minutes while you relax. If the cucumbers really won’t stick (if they aren’t juicy enough), put a little honey on your face first.

Quick Tips for Even More Homemade Beauty

  •  Add fresh flowers to your favorite moisturizers for their natural fresh scent.
  • Save the pits of fruits like avocados and apricots. They can be dried then ground up and added to your favorite creams and used as an exfoliating scrub.
  • Keep small containers of your favorite oils with your beauty supplies. Not only will you be more likely to use them, it will insha’allah, also help you to remember to use those instead of the pricey store-bought products.
  • If you make any of these or other homemade skincare products and benefit from them, remember to make more as gifts for the other women in your life.
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Kostyk, Annmarie. Chocolate is Healthy: Myths, Truths and Delicious Recipes. The Kindle edition of this book is now available on amazon.com

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