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The Eid Appetizer Table

I love entertaining during the holidays more than any other time of year. It gives me the opportunity to do what I love most: make healthy gourmet meals for the people I care about most and to show gratitude and respect for that time of year when it truly feels celebratory and special. 

It’s also the perfect excuse to get out your best table linens, buy some fresh flowers and to make everything look elegant and pieced together. In today’s vocabulary, I guess you could call it investing all that time you’ve spent on Pinterest to finally pay off.

So, gather your stuff- everything you think you might want to put on your appetizer table. Don’t worry, you can edit later.

Take a Step Back to Look at Your Color Scheme

Take a step back from what you’ve gathered and look at your color scheme the way your guests will see it all put together.

Adorable yet elegant Autumn-themed serving plates are everywhere right now. I found these below at Michael’s. I particularly love the fact that this one is shaped like a leaf since the leaves have been exceptionally beautiful around Illinois and Ohio this year.

Choose Autumn Plates

and the upright bowls are so pretty because they sort of have that geometric design pattern going on, also from Michael’s.

Next, you’ll need to think about the linens you’ll put on your table. Iron them days ahead of time so that you’re not scrambling  on the night or day of ‘Eid. Believe me, it”s the last thing you’ll think about when you’re dealing with food and nothing looks worse than wrinkled tablecloths. Attention to detail is a huge respect to your guests.

Prep to Iron Your Linens

I chose a plain brown tablecloth- left alone it would look really dull, so I added these fabric swatches that I found at a tag sale a few years ago. I always meant to make pillows with them, but they actually helped to pull off the rustic elegance look I was going for.

Start with Tablecloth Then Add More Elements

It also helps to choose detailed silverware, even for an appetizer table. I know plastic cutlery is very tempting due to the amount of clean up you won’t have to do, but it’s not always so pretty or eco-friendly (unless you find those types). I have a dishwasher, so it won’t hurt to throw them in afterwards. I want my guests to feel special and as though they were worth the time to prepare this lovely arrangement for.

Choose Pretty Silverware

It’s not real gold, but has a nice shine, anyway.

I like to wrap up the silverware with the cloth linens to make it easier for my guests to grab and go. I know olives don’t necessarily scream “Fall/Autumn”, but the color scheme works.

Put the silverware with the napkins

Real, live things like flowers and seasonal produce are a must this ‘Eid- it’s Autumn here and we have so many beautiful colors in nature to bring indoors

Use Gourds
Once I know what I’ve got to put on the table, one of the easiest ways for me to get a head start on the planning is to actually set the table up the day before and place cards on the table with the dishes of food or other fresh items so that I know where they should go.
Next Add Placecards for Where the Food Will Go
And no one at home has an excuse for not helping to set the table since they’ll know exactly where everything should go. Less stress for everyone.
Where to Put the Chickpeas

Now let’s talk food.

4 Eid Appetizers

So, during ‘Eid not everyone stays the whole time for appetizer, dinner and snacks. Some people come to your Open House just to drop in for a bite, or a plate of something small, and so finger food is typically the easy and quick way to go. It’s not usually until later in the evening that people want to enjoy desserts with coffee and chai (tea), anyway so you want to be sure to have the appetizer table up first.

nice view of appetizer table

I’ve chosen a variety of foods that go together really well. Somehow those Saffron Road hors d’oeuvres go with any type of dip you  pair them with and their new crunchy chickpeas are awesome on top of hummus. Who would’ve thought?

All Three Chickpease
Saffron Road‘s new crunchy chickpea snacks (clockwise): Wasabi, Falafel and Bombay Spice

Crunchy Chickpeas- Bombay Spice

The Bombay Spice is my personal favorite.

Hummus in Autumn Leaf plate

What would an ‘Eid party be without hummus? I’m not trying to find out- everyone’s expecting it and I don’t mind.

Pita Chips with Hummus

…and I made my own pita chips to go with the hummus and this Creamy Spinach Dip (below).  Just cut fresh pita bread into triangles and bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes.

spinach dip on table

The dip also goes beautifully with the Saag Paneer and/or Vegetable Samosa hors d’oeuvres. I know I’ve made plenty of dips to go with them before, but I can’t stop making dips because of these. I just love pairing them with something different all the time since the flavors are so versatile.

Saffron Road hors d'oeuvres

We’ve got some Mexicans in the house, so guacamole and salsa are a must on our appetizer table, and most guests absolutely love it.  Fresh and tasty, this flavor combo actually goes so well with everything else on the table.

Salsa and Guac Trio

 And I also bake my own tortilla chips. It’s so easy and you can do it at the same time that you make the pita chips, in the same way. Just make sure they’re spread out properly or they won’t dry up and get crunchy. Use fresh (GMO-free) corn tortillas.

Baked Tortilla Chips

 Since it’s the Fall, you’ll probably be cooking with some sort of pumpkin or squash. Be sure to save the seeds and roast them with salt and any other type of spice you like. Find a basic recipe to do that here.

Acorn Squash Seeds
Acorn Squash seeds are easy to make, especially if you’re using the pumpkins and squash in your ‘Eid day recipes.

Now, didn’t that come together nicely?

Eid Table Appetizer

I know you might need to taste it first, so let’s plate it up. The plates with autumn leaves were so nice that I just had to add them to the table for guests to use.

party plates

But, I also added these  wicker plate holders for a rustic look and to hold the paper plates since they aren’t too strong.

wicker plate holders

Not only does everything look colorful, it also tastes wonderful together. The dip is great with the pita chips and the hors d’oeuvres; the salsa goes well with both, too.

Full Plate for Eid

It’s kind of like us- a melting pot of ethnic flavors all on one plate enjoying one another’s company. And there goes the crunchy chickpea snacks on top of the hummus.

What have we started?

plate with chickpeas

It doesn’t matter. I just want to take one look back at this moment to capture the beauty of ‘Eid.

Phyllos on table

and enjoy the fact that it falls during the gorgeous season of Autumn this year.

Eid Appetizer Table with flowers

We are so blessed.

Don’t you agree?

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  1. Yvonne,
    This is a feast to my eyes & soul.What a beautiful & colorful spread & presented so nicely.Eid Mubarak to you & your dear ones. We sure are blessed indeed.Loved the pictures& the shades of fall that go with the wicker plates & the rustic fruit bowl…gorgeous Autumn !

  2. Asalaamu’alaikum everyone, this is the start of our LIVE web chat- thank you for coming! Please leave a comment or feedback and then refresh the page to see new ones. We’ll be here until 12:00 NOON CST today and then back on tonight from 7:00-8:00 PM to discuss Eid ul Adha party planning.

    1. As Salaamu Alaikuum Sis……..I have been sooo busy in my personal Life, that I COMPLETELY Forgot to Plan for an EID Gathering, and I could just Kick myself for not remembering (sighhh….), it’s too late for me This Yr., but In Sha Allah…..Next Yr…….in any event, These are GREAT IDEAS and I am soo happy I FINALLY figured out HOW to Actually GET to this Chat, lolol.
      I will Try Back AGAIN for the Second Half of the Chat late on, In Sha Allah.

      1. wa’alaikum as salaam Memaheema, thank you for joining us. It’s definitely not to late. Use the bulk stores to help you get lots of items and quickly sketch out a menu you’d like to serve.

  3. I am planning an evening dinner for my entire family. Planning on cooking Liver Fry as is customary in our side of the world as an appetizer

  4. How many of you use Evite or Event brite or some other online source to send out invitations? Anyone use paper invitations (those are still my favorite)

  5. Is Eid ul Adha a smaller party or gathering for you and your family and community than the Eid ul Fitr (after Ramadan ends) ones?

  6. We plan a potluck with all our close friends for Eid night at my place. It usually is Indian food because most of my friends are from India. I like to introduce them to something new so, this year I plan to make enchiladas with an indian twist.

    1. @Asfiya- colorful fruits and veggies are great decor ideas and for the fall, you can try those tiny decor pumpkins and gourds. Kids love them and adults can appreciate the Fall theme and color scheme, too. You can place them on the dining table or throughout the house. You can even decorate your entry door with colorful Indian corn or a wreath with Autumn leaves throughout.

        1. We always take chocolates for some reason. I especially love the Patchi (halal) brand mainly because they feel so rich and festive so Eid is a perfect day to enjoy them. But, you could also take things like stuffed dates, mixed nuts, homemade cookies, anything your family really loves and will help ward off hunger until you have Eid brunch, lunch or dinner.

    1. Yeah, so those recommendations should be good to use in a small space- I did that when I had a tiny apartment and it wasn’t so overwhelming. You can even get small pie pumpkins that are so much fun to buy with kids and for adults, you can carve out the opening (use the flesh for soup or something else) and serve soup inside.

  7. Thank you, everyone, for joining our LIVE web chat here today. I’ll be back tonight at 7:00 PM right here to continue on with more of your questions and add more tips and info on Eid ul Adha party planning ideas, insha’allah!

  8. I would like share this recipe with everyone I hope you all like it inshallah

    Take fresh liver and kidney and chicken liver 500grams of each
    Wash and leave it aside until all the water drained is out
    Take a oven dish and place all the meat inside that
    Put 1tsp of salt or the amount you need
    1 heaped tsp chillie powder or the amount you need
    Half a tsp tumaric powder
    Half a tsp of cumin powder
    1tblsp of lemon juice
    1tblsp of tomotoe purée
    And a lot of olive oil
    Mix altogether and
    preheat the oven at 200 degrees and cook for 15mins and keep a good watch on it and stir around the meat so it is cooked evenly, if you need it cooked more that’s a indivual choice

    serve with mint yogurt
    fresh chips and fresh salad

    When I do this dish I use more spice into my marinate, the above ingredients has been toned down in case some people cannot take to much spices.

  9. this is such a lovely and wonderful spread, and soooo easy!
    thank you for sharing! i really look forward to your posts coz i learn something new everytime.

  10. Nice and some of the best collection of the Decoration Ideas for the Table I would use it for mine so wish you a very Eid Mubarak 2015

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