Chile Relleno Tacos at Las Asadas

I absolutely love Mexican food.  Having lived and studied in Mexico during my college days and since traveled to both the Yucatan Peninsula and the Jalisco area since those times, I’ve really experienced a great variety of Mexican cuisine. Each region has such a diverse culinary culture- the coastal areas are naturally endowed with the freshest fish; inland there are more meat, cheese and even plenty of vegetarian dishes. Somehow, everywhere you go, food is put into a corn or flour tortilla to make a beautiful taco, topped with white onion, fresh cilantro and a plethora of freshly made salsas.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any (that I’m aware of) halal Mexican restaurants in my neck of the woods, so whenever I go to a any Mexican restaurant, I choose the vegeterian options and ask about the type of oils used to fry with (read about why this is important). I also ask the cooks to clean off any pans or grills used before preparing our food.

Chile Rellenos (or Stuffed Poblano Peppers) are stuffed with a Mexican cheese, breaded and deep-fried. Definitely not everyday food, but since there are few, if any, other items that are deep fried in Mexican restaurants they’re a good option for anyone worried about food being fried in shared containers.

Poblano peppers are not spicy. They’re also one of the larger peppers commonly used in Mexican cooking. Stuffed Poblanos are really special because they take some time to make and can be pretty messy.


Chile Relleno Taco | Salsa Verde

The photos I’ve taken here are one of my favorite dives, or local homemade Mexican fast food joints. Las Asadas is located in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs, frequented by locals and almost always busy, especially during lunch. A friend said it was one of the best places to find this dish and suggested we try it–which we did. Ever since, it’s been a family favorite and one we drag our friends and relatives to whenever they’re open to this kind of food.

Frijoles Refritos Con Queso (Refried Beans with Cheese on Top)

If you’d like to visit the place, go early and scope out a table- since they’re often full, it can be hard to find a seat at times. It’s a sit-down restaurant but there are no servers. Order as you walk in and take your tray to your seat. Las Asadas closes early sometimes, so be sure to call for their schedule.  You need not speak Spanish to order (though it’s quite helpful), so don’t be intimidate by the large amount of Mexican locals who eat there– which is a sign that the food served is authentic.

Need some tips on finding out about the {halal} ingredients in Mexican food? Find that and more here.

Las Asadas

356 Lee Street

Des Plaines, IL 60016

(847) 298-3393

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  1. ha you read my mind woman!! This is EXACTLY what I am cooking on Friday InshaAllah!! =) I LOVE absolutely LOVE cooking and eating chile rellenos, chicken flautas and mole. Those are my favorite dishes

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