Are You Ready for Ramadan Cooking?

Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar (lunar) and the holy month of fasting is approaching quickly. There is so much to prepare and it can be quite overwhelming if you think about it all at once. For those of you who are new to My Halal Kitchen, you may not realize that there are lots of organizational tips and ideas right here on the site, which I’ve linked to below.  Also, I’ve got plans for more tips and great ideas to come your way starting now and lasting through the end of ‘Eid, insha’allah. My hope is to help you get your kitchen and your home in order so that your mind can be at ease to focus on the things you need to do most during Ramadan, the real purpose of this time.

My Refrigerator, All Ready for Ramadan Cooking

Would you like to know how I organized my refrigerator with these adorable baskets? Tune in to tonight’s LIVE web chat to find out!

Live Web Chat: Preparing Your Kitchen for Healthy Ramadan Cooking

You can also interact with me LIVE tonight on Facebook and Twitter where I’ll be conducting a web chat on the topic of Healthy Ramadan Cooking- we’ll discuss planning to plan for cooking, staying organized and efficient and how to make healthy choices on a budget. I hope you’ll join me in either places and if you’re on Twitter, please use the hashtag #RamadanCooking. We’ll start at 7pm CST and go for one hour. Hope to talk with you there!

Ah-mazing Ramadan Giveaways…

I must also mention that we have an amazing lineup of giveaways throughout the month, but each and every one of them is a surprise. Here’s a hint- they involve great halal foods as well as high quality kitchen tools and appliances. Please make sure you are subscribed to our emails to receive notice of all of them- you won’t want to miss them!


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Need more organizational tips, ideas and recipes?

Check out my pins and boards on Pinterest

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Interested to see how I shop, prep, plan and cook for Ramadan meals?

Follow my journey through my Instagram photos (which I link to on Twitter)


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  1. ASA! Love your blog! I don’t know how I missed the live web chat is there any way to access a video?


  2. @Erum- you just have to hover over the words and certain ones will highlight and link to a particular page.

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