My morning food routine has changed quite a bit in the last year. When I first came to Turkey, I began eating the typical Turkish breakfast spread shortly after waking up: a couple of eggs made with veggies, a side of olives, cheeses, Turkish tea and other things like jam or honey if I had them.

As time’s gone on, however, I’ve wanted to lighten things up a bit. It feels harder to to eat a full breakfast soon after the morning prayer it feels like my body needs time to get a little hungry. Instead, I now have some hot lemon water (perfect because lemons are in season now), my black seed & honey mix, a small banana, a few dates and dried figs, if I have them.

It’s more than enough and I’m good to go for a while.

Are you into intermittent fasting? It’s something that has become so popular these days, but I’ve not gotten into it as a regiment…just the fasting days of Ramadan- although it is sunnah to fast on Mondays and Thursdays- something I would really like to get into the habit of doing…

Do you eat a big breakfast? Small one? None at all? Let me know in the comments below..

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