6 Tips for Throwing a Kid-Friendly ‘Eid Party

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I was introduced to Silver Envelope, the Islamic Stationary Company, several years ago and am so happy to see how much it has grown since. Their product line is bright and colorful, kid-friendly and something I like to have around at parties (particularly the decorative cupcake holders).  Creative Director and Founder, Raana Smith, brings us 6 Tips to Throw a Kid-Friendly ‘Eid Party this year, without all the stress.

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After a spiritually charged month of fasting it’s now time to prepare for the celebrations of ‘Eid. You’re feeling a little stressed-out as your kids can’t stop talking about their ever-expanding list of friends they plan to invite to the party. You have to think of food, space, decorations and maybe you’re not sure  if you have enough time to do it all. 

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Take a deep breath, and follow these six steps to a kid-friendly ‘Eid party your kids will love and you’ll enjoy, too…


Step 1 – Get the kids involved!

Brainstorm the party with your family and use their ideas as a springboard to flesh out the party. Crowd-source ideas for the type of food to prepare and what activities to host – this way the work can be shared and it makes for a real family celebration, right from the start.

Step 2 – Choose your venue

If you are renting a venue, book it ahead of time (like now). If you’re having the party at home, consider re-arranging the furniture to maximize your space. You want your guests and kids to move around freely and have enough space for activities. You will need to know this as early as possible to allow you to plan the décor well.

Step 3 – Décor Details

Using a rough outline of your space, get started on gathering your decorations. A well-decorated room is key to creating a welcoming family atmosphere. For the entrance, use our Craft Squares and Craft Words to create Eid Streamers and Eid Bunting–bright options to draw your guests in with. Hang the streamers across the length of the room, or from a door way as they are guaranteed to add bursts of color! Alternatively pepper the windows and the floor with the squares.


Step 4 – All about food

When planning the menu, try and keep it as kid-friendly as possible – remember all those suggestions the kids offered in step one? Put them to good use here. Once your meals are decided, grab some of our fresh Flying High Craft Squares and have fun decorating your food table. Don’t miss these Cupcake Wraps as they are sure to add a great festive splash to your dessert table!

Step 5 – Time for the kids

You want all the kids to have a great time with activities but you don’t want to spend your afternoon stressed about paint, scissors and glue. Get these Zillij Color-in Eid Cards, throw in some crayons and your kids will love it!, and so will you!


Up for crafting at the party? Have the kiddos make their own Eid Noise Makersthey’ll have a blast!

Step 6 – Parting Gifts


Put together gift bags with chocolates or dates, pop them in to our Flying High Cello Treat bags with our Flying High Bookmark and some of these fabulous Eid Buttons and you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our special Shams Take-Out Gift Boxes will let your guests know just how much you appreciate them.


How will you celebrate Eid? Do you have handmade crafts or a favorite design you like to use during this special time?

 About the Founder:

Raana Smith is the Creative Director and Founder of SilverEnvelope.com. She enjoys  painting with her 2-year old, photography and traveling.

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  1. We used Silver envelopes products for my kids’ eid party last year. The kids had a blast and everyone enjoyed an alternative to birthday parties. We’re planning on this year as well InshAllah.

  2. I love the little party hats, in previous years we used to buy party hats from the store and cover it up with paper we printed at home, that had eid mubarak, or happy eid on it. alhamdulillah, now we dont have to do that anymore!

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