5 Tips for An Easy ‘Eid Party


This Ramadan has been so much fun. I’ve had a great time soaking up all the great ideas for home décor, party ideas for kids, and meeting the creative women and men behind design inspiration that caters to the way we Muslims celebrate and value our holidays in a colorful and beautiful way. 

 Rana Bacaloni is one of those women. She is the owner of ‘Eid Creations, a party supply company that caters to the Muslim community by providing party supplies with vibrant and pertinent designs for special occasions, such as Ramadan, ‘Eid and Aqeeqa (celebration when a baby is born).   In this article, Rana gives us some practical tips on how we can make our next ‘Eid party easy, fun, and stress-free. Insha’llah… (There’s also a wonderful giveaway at the end) 

Everyone loves parties!  But while many of us love to be invited, we dread it when we have to reciprocate, because we know all too well what it entails to coordinate between food, decoration, and entertainment; and all this has to be done on a budget, for most of us.

As a party planner for school fundraisers for many years, I have applied my experience to my own personal parties.   Here are some tips to make your party a success while on a budget

Tip #1: Choose a Theme

Pick a theme or occasion which will dictate your décor and menu.  A theme does not necessarily imply bollywood, western or any other.  A theme can simply be color coordination or inspired by what you have in your home.  For instance, winter  evokes  colors such as white like snow or branches and twigs as accessories.  Spring is inspired by multiple colors and flowers as accessories.   When I think summer I see bright crisp colors such as teal and turquoise like the sea, and for fall the orange and yellows and dried leaves as accessories are inspiring…

If you are doing flower centerpieces, check with your local stores such as Trader Joes or Costco and see what flowers are in season and chose your tableware according to what is in store.

Tip #2: Accessorize

Once you have your theme going, look around your house, and your garden to see what could be utilized as a table décor.  If your event is a formal one, always have on hand basic tablecloths colors such as black, white and cream.  They can be found at any discount store such as Ross, Walmart and TJ Maxx.  I have also at times used twin size sheets that were on sale when I wanted an interesting pattern and no guest noticed the difference, on the contrary, I received a lot of compliments!

If your event is semi-formal, you can visit your local party supply store and look around for napkin designs.  You can use them along with white porcelain plates and they will bring in color and patterns to your tableware.

For more formal events, I usually have basic white linen napkins and alternate napkin rings from my home or when I am feeling creative, I head out to Michael’s for some arts and crafts and create my own.  For ideas, I look on the Internet.  Martha Stewart is a favorite of mine and I also like Living Locurto, which has printables and party ideas.

Tip #3: Feast with the Eyes

Let food also serve as decoration. Voltaire once said: “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”

It is all in the presentation.  For example, instead of laying a vegetable tray on the table, I have put vegetables on bamboo skewers and put them in a pot as a centerpiece.  I also have a multiple tier plate juxtaposed next to each other which I often use as a centerpiece for appetizers.  The possibilities are endless.

Tip #4: Give Yourself Time

If you are cooking your own home made food.  Have your menu prepared ahead of time.  Purchase all ingredients a few days in advance and try to pick food that does not enslave you to the kitchen yet it must look impressive.  I have found that slow cookers make my life easier.  I can make pot roasts and all sorts of stews without having to spend hours preparing.  It also keeps my food hot and ready to serve to those guests who go by the motto, “Les gents chic sont toujours en retard,” meaning that classy people are always late!  Also refrain from making pasta at events, especially if you are planning to host some Italian friends who like their pasta straight from the stove to their table and always “Al dente”!  I learned that the hard way.  So, if your theme is Italian, go for the baked pasta such as lasagna and cannelloni.  They can be prepared a day ahead and taste even better the following day!

Tip #5: Don’t Forget Yourself!

Last but not least, don’t forget to prepare ahead of time what you will wear.  You want to make sure you look as stunning as your tableware!

Having party supplies stores everywhere make our lives easier.  However, when it comes to Islamic Holidays one has to be a little more creative and resourceful.  I have seen many beautiful ideas online which have inspired me; and luckily now those who are not very creative can get some help from Eid Creations, our party supply company for all your Islamic occasions!

Happy partying!

About the Giveaway

Eid Creations is giving away a few of their most vibrantly-colored products for your special ‘Eid party.  This giveaway extends thru ‘Eid ul Fitr and ends just before the beginning of Hajj season so that you can have them for your ‘Eid ul Adha gathering, insh’allah…


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How do vibrant party goods change the ambiance and feel of your ‘Eid parties?


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  1. I want to make Eid extra special for my two daughters who are growing up here in Canada where they see kids having a gala time on Halloween , Christmas and other occasions which are not appropriate for Muslims. I want them to know that Allah S.W.T has made the two Eids for us to enjoy and we too can have lots of fun in a halal way.

  2. Colorful vibrant decorations definitely help make the mood more celebratory and declare eid Mubarak!

  3. My husband and I usually decorate our house with xmas lights and balloons, for our two toddlers. I didn’t know there are websites to guide us through this process! What an exciting news. We definitely look forward to taking advantage of their Eid-specific decorations. yay for life becoming easy:-)

  4. It makes the occasion special and grand. I live in America and it’s great to balance all of the holidays America celebrates. Eid decorations make the holiday just as big and relevant as other holidays throughout the year. I also get to use them to share my religion with other non-Muslims. It’s a festive celebration after all!

  5. The decorations and the time spent planning shows your family that you love and care for them. A beautiful tablescape, is inviting and also includes cultural and Islamic traditions. Our family will remember each detail for years. Thus, Eid will always be a wonderful memory.

  6. Vibrant party goods make hosting so much more rich and beautiful. Especially for Eid, which is our most important holiday as Muslims. We must make it a festive event! And for our children to see and value that we have a precious holiday as such. The party accessories say it all! This is a great way to begin to make our Eid Holidays cherished and treasured among families and friends! Thanks for the clever Eid Creations 🙂

  7. I would think they would liven out the event and make for even more talking about where and how I got the decor and I would be the talk of the time for Eid decor.

  8. I love to decorate my home for Eid since I want to show my kids how important Eid is for us. As a school teacher at an Islamic school I also decorate my classroom and have a Eid party for my students during Eid ul Adha time

  9. i think vibrant party goods being life to the party, i’ve been to plenty where there have been no real decorations and you don’t really get the feel for celebration if they are not there. it helps people know the importance of the celebration

  10. Decorations add light, color and the vibrant mood needed for a party! It automatically lifts up your spirits. Nothing compares to the happy and festive feeling when you walk into a party place decorated with accessories, with people all around; plus if you have the goodies specially designed for Eid it will be the best Eid party ever!

  11. Vibrant party goods definitely put both adults and kids in the spirit of celebrating. I love making Eid extra special with small personal touches.

  12. It is so important to keep Eid colorful and exciting, particularly for our children growing up bombarded with Christmas and Halloween and Easter, not to mention all of the commercial holidays. Tasteful decoration helps put kids and grown ups in the mood and brings a festive atmosphere to the special day.

  13. Eid is always about family, fun and food. A balance of all things external. Eid is also a day of introspection. Eid-al-Adha teaches about sacrifice. It is a great time to talk about how we sacrifice time, money or even ourselves for the sake of Allah and for others.

  14. Having special party goods, especially for Eid, is what sets apart our Muslim holiday from any other holiday. Having decor items with lanterns and sheep make all the difference when we’ve always been surrounded by, and sometimes forced to succumb to, items with bells or sleighs on them. It’s very exciting now that we have the chance to raise our families with the atmosphere we wish we had growing up. Thanks to all the creative people out there who are making Muslim holidays and events a priority.

  15. Eid party – what a wonderful idea! Especially for the kids and in this cold weather, what better way to celebrate than indoors with family and friends? I hope I can implement these ideas one day insha’Allah.

  16. As a revert it is important to have decorations etc to make the day special to show my children that Allah gave us days for fun n celebration too as Muslims in a halal way after we have given up Christmas n Halloween etc 🙂

  17. The decorations make the party more appealing to the eye. The party looks more planned out, and a much better “back drop” for photos than food alone. It give the food a more polished look, and everyone knows that you made this day more special for everyone.

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