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  1. Hi there –

    I followed your link from a comment you left on Heidi Swanson’s fantastic website 101 cookbook.

    Anyway, I’m a South African currently based with my Husband, in Iran, and looking at the pic’s on your “Why the Imam Fainted” post – i thought it looked like a traditional Iranian tea setting.

    I’ll be following your site from now on as it looks as your ingredients will be relatively accessible to me there- certainly internet cookbooks are much easier than lugging them around the world and definitely infinitely more accessible in terms of language as I don’t read much more than English & the Germanic based languages..

    Good luck & please keep up the historical / informative commentary related to your recipes – it makes them so much more accessible.


  2. Amanda,
    thanks for visiting all the way from Iran! It’s great to have you and I really appreciate your comments, they are so valuable to me so that I can hopefully continue to improve and give the readers what they are looking for.

    I’ve visited your site, did you see? I love the title of your blog- it’s quite honest and made me chuckle 🙂


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