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CLOSED: Amara Halal Cosmetics: A Glossy Giveaway!

A few years ago I got rid of all my makeup that had any sort of dangerous or questionable ingredients (i.e. chemicals like parabens and petrochemicals that are allegedly linked to cancers, ones I couldn’t understand or that contained pork by-products).  That didn’t leave me with but a few brands I found at Whole Foods Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, or the plant-based makeup by Origins. Thankfully, the organic & all-natural beauty line of cosmetics has grown, but what is really exciting is a new brand called Amara Halal Cosmetics. It’s not only free of any pork-based by-products, it’s also suitable for vegans and free of parabens.

amara halal makeup


Here’s what Shamalia Mohamed, founder of the Los Angeles, CA based company, has to say: 

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