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  1. You have a delightful website with very useful and needed resource on halal nutrition. We hope you will be able to give a presentation at one of or dinner meetings. Azher Quader Compassionate Care Network (CCN) Community Builders Chicago (CBC)
  2. Great website! Alhamdullilah, so well done and organized - thank you!!! Looking forward to diving into your recipes. Please add my email address for your daily updates/newsletter. du'as, sameena = )
  3. Assalamu alaikum, sister I hope you can help me to this question, why is that whey powder is not halal which is come from milk? Jazzakallah
  4. Quilts are beautiful would Love to Give this unique gift to my best friend who is expecting a baby boy inshallah
  5. Quilts are lovely, would love it for my little one. your blog is Very informative and fun as well. Recipes are great.

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