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  1. My family and I thanks you for all your beautiful recipe ! I use them all the time ! Never a flop always Fantastic AWSOME beautiful and my family always COME BACK TOR SEACONDS

  2. Asalaam-Alaikom. dear sister.
    I am trying to eat healthy and also started to work out.
    inshaallah I ll be checking the recipes and more than happy to share my ideas.

  3. Aswk sis .. Could u pls provide beauty tips to make neck fairer .. My back side of neck is tan n full lines n getting warts .. Pls help

    1. Assalamu Alaiqum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barakatuhu sister Nisa,

      I have typed this in google

      braggs raw apple cider vinegar with the mother warts dark patches

      and I found many links. I have started to use this raw vinegar on my skin and I am taking it with meals and also I am spraying it on my hair for a month or so.. So far so good… Alhamdulilah.. improvent of radiance, no dry patches on my face, less dandruff on my head and a much better digestion!

  4. Wow, your recipes are amazing. Jazak Allahu Khaira for so much halal food information. Take care. Asalam alaykum 🙂

  5. Jazak ALLAH & thank you sister for such a nice website. Information you provided regarding vinegar, soya sauce as well as alcohol substitutes has been very helpful to me & my family. May God bless you and give you sawab for running this website. Take care.

    1. @Daisy- please confirm your subscription via the email confirmation you should have received. If you did not receive one then you may not have signed up, or it could have gone to your spam folder.

  6. Salams I confirmed subscription thru my email then I reached this comments page. It did not say subscription confirmed anywhere. Just checking if I need to do anything else.

    1. Asalaamu aleykum sister the same ia happening to me no subscription confirmed. Shukraan in advance

  7. Dear sis,
    I’m from singapore simple housewife. Always run out of ideas to daily cooking but would love learning new simple or easy to reach recipes.

    Looking forward for this Ramadan recipes.

  8. I am not Muslim, but I have so much respect and love for your food and beliefs. I always try to educate myself because I have a few Muslim friends. I always run around looking for recipes and teaching on how to prepare food for them when they come and visit. Your website comes in very helpful, thank you☺

  9. I am a working mother. Always in a hurry. I would like to cook something simple, healthy and quick for the family. Can’t wait to try your new recipes for this coming Ramadhan.
    Thank you.

  10. hi .love ur steak but where to get ,,I am in new jersey and get hallal meat from phillidelphia and atlantic city.ws
    Syeda Saleha Abbasi…

  11. Alhamdulillah im newly revert thou Islam isn’t new to me, as i have alot of family and friends who are Muslims. I love cooking an baking ur recipes are great. Its also good to try new dishes an some of ur recipes are so basic zakat Allah

  12. Your recipes read delicious. I hope that my name is added to your newsletter as there seems a problem at the time of this writing. Ingrid

  13. I havent received anything from you as of yet. I am really interested in your halal cooking. Thank you

  14. I will need more info for corn tortila machine processing , and ice cream machine .
    I’am intersesting in healthy food business

  15. Assallam o allaikum, can u plz tell me how to make lamp chops. I wnt to cook lamp chops for eid. I’ll be using oven so plz let me knw abt the marinade and gas mark for oven.

  16. Assalam o alaikum … came across your website while on search for halal fondant …. really appreciate your time n effort to help Muslims all around the world by simply making a one stop on your website …
    JazakAllah khair

  17. Hi Yvonne, I’m so pleased to see how wonderful things are going for you.

    My question – do you have any handy tips for how to keep up with items that have been opened and stored in the refrigerator in order to use them within the recommended use by dates?

    Many thanks for your help with this!