MY HALAL KITCHEN: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Lifestyle Inspiration

I am so excited to announce that my new hardcover cookbook,
MY HALAL KITCHENGlobal Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Lifestyle Inspiration, is scheduled to be published by the Chicago-based independent press Agate in July 2016. The My Halal Kitchen Cookbook

It is now available for pre-order from the following booksellers:















This will be a beautiful, hand-sewn hardcover book which will allow readers to explore food from around the world using simple, halal-friendly substitutes and all-natural ingredients. 
My Halal Kitchen will provide readers with the tools they need to prepare flavorful, trustworthy halal dishes. It will also be available as an ebook from the Kindle, Nook, and iBook stores, as well as anywhere else ebooks are sold.

Featuring more than 100 unique recipes and full-color photography, My Halal Kitchen showcases my love of various culinary traditions, such as American, Asian, French, Italian, and Latin cuisine.  The book also includes a simple guide for using substitutes in halal cooking, creating a halal pantry, and resources on where to pick up hard-to-find ingredients.

After years of cooking halal, I want to share my tips on how to incorporate traditional favorites, cultural staples, and the dishes I discovered while studying abroad into your family’s halal customs. I hope My Halal Kitchen will become a go-to cookbook for Muslims everywhere so any home cook is able to make delicious and healthy recipes from across the globe.

Praise for Yvonne Maffei  and her new book, MY HALAL KITCHEN: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Lifestyle Inspiration:

“Yvonne Maffei. . . writes a popular cooking and nutrition blog, My Halal Kitchen, from her home north of Chicago. . . . Her simple recipe for medjools drizzled with tangy crème fraîche is excellent for transforming date doubters into date lovers.” —Julia Moskin, New York Times

“Simple, family-friendly recipes shine in My Halal Kitchen, a cookbook that is at once exciting and approachable. She takes you on trip around the world from the family dinner table.” —Jennifer McGruther, cookbook author and founder of NourishedKitchen.com

“A cook, food writer, and self-described halal foodie.” —CBS News

“Finally! Modern, observant Muslims can celebrate (with non-alcoholic bubbly, of course) a cookbook that shows how to make what everyone loves to eat in America right now.” —Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Memoir, Recipes, and More

“I love eating out, but I’m glad to have this manual to halal home cooking! This book teaches you cooking and eating halal from A to Z. As a halal BBQ enthusiast, I can’t wait to try the Oven-Roasted BBQ Beef Ribs recipe.” —Sameer S. Sarmast, host of halal food show Sameer’s Eats

“You’ll hear Maffei’s passion and intelligence, and whatever your religious persuasion you’ll no doubt relate to her motives: to find a deep and meaningful connection to the world.” —Alison Cuddy, WBEZ-FM

Sneak Preview: Table of Contents for MY HALAL KITCHEN: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Lifestyle Inspiration

How To Use This Book

SECTION I – Overview Of Halal Food And Cooking

Chapter 1: Halal Foods 101

Chapter 2: Problematic Ingredients for Halal Consumers

Food Products and Ingredients

Problematic Ingredients When Eating Out

Chapter 3: Using Substitutes In Halal Cooking

Chapter 4: Creating a Halal Pantry

Setting Up a Halal Kitchen


SECTION II – Recipes

Chapter 5: Broths

Chapter 6: Cheeses, Cream, and Yogurts

Chapter 7: Condiments and Salad Dressings

Chapter 8: Flavor Extracts

Chapter 9: Breads, Pizzas, and Pie Crusts

Chapter 10: American Cuisine

Chapter 11: Asian Cuisine

Chapter 12: French Cuisine

Chapter 13: Italian Cuisine

Chapter 14: Latin Cuisine

SECTION III – Resources And Bibliography



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